Monday 5 December 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 41 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Week 41 - Sat 08 Oct 2022 - Fri 14 Oct 2022

The second week of the month of October 2022 was spent on the road as we only reached Johannesburg on 11-Oct-22 and then directly went to rest for some time as we started around 3am in the morning to reach by 1pm from Beaufort West. It was really a great trip but I could not shoot much of the content I intended to. I think I get overwhelmed with the devices, gadgets, angles and so much more mental pressure before I even begin to shoot that I miss a lot of easy stuff. I think I need to make a simple checklist to create my content and keep it as simple as possible. 

1. Walking - I only could complete 10 kilometres during the course of this week as the walking was casual on the beach and around the city of Hermanus. After coming back I felt too tired to walk so that's how it caused the kilometres to not reach the 20 km mark. This has been a consistent failure at my end and it will put me in a difficult situation as I may not reach the 1000 mark that I need to reach by 31-Dec-22. 

2. Thank You - As I told you last week that I am going to stop at the counter till I buy a new one from China Mall. This is a huge impact on my gratitude habit but let's see if I can do it without the manual counter to push the buttons. 

New Year Resolutions - Week 41 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

3. Events - I attended the virtual YouTube Shorts Event as a part of 3 part series with International creators including Arun Maini from MrWhoseTheBoss and felt really great to be part of the YouTube Shorts community. I have achieved a lot in terms of YouTube just by being part of the YouTube Shorts community in South Africa. Many thanks to the team and the partner manager. You should also make YouTube shorts if you are making reels on Instagram or videos on Tik Tok to take it further and earn some money too. 

4. Diwali Celebrations - The time has come for the Diwali celebrations as well after we celebrated the festival of Vijay Dashmi last week. I have always loved celebrating Diwali as you get to wear new clothes, distribute sweets and eat a lot of desserts. The best part is this time BAPS are doing their own fireworks in WITS University Sports ground and also Shree Radhey Shyam Temple is going to light the sky too. I am of the opinion that enjoyment comes from watching and not from firing them. I never missed any of the fireworks in London during the 14 months I lived there in 2010-11 by the government on several occasions. 

5. Entertainment - I didn't watch any of the web series or movies this time around. My family watched Laal Singh Chaddha on Netflix in Hermanus but I didn't like it when I watched it again also. Some of the movies are totally not worth your time and a person has to create something new and not repeat their regular acting as seen in their previous movies. Dangal was the only movie that I have watched in repeat mode of Aamir Khan and must have seen it more than 100 times. 

The second week of October went into the preparations for the Diwali sweets and shopping for the festival. This time I reduced my fireworks expense to a minimum and spent only ZAR 90 for Sparklers because the fireworks were arranged by the temple authorities and you only enjoy what you see in the sky much more than the ones you see bursting on the land. Have a great festive season! Cheers!!!

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