Wednesday 2 November 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 38 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

Week 38 was one of the hectic weeks in terms of launch events and other activities I planned for myself. 

Week 38 - Sat 17 Sep 2022 - Fri 23 Sep 2022

1. Thank You - I started from 33322 onwards to reach it till 58000 and the counter accidentally reset to zero. I restarted the same and then reached the 4000 mark by the end of the week. I am feeling more and more pain in my thumb as I am clicking the same multiple times to increase the counter. 

2. Daily Walking - I completed around 15.5 kilometres this week and this week also I could not complete the 20kms mark. I reached around 729 kilometres as compared to the total target of 760 kilometres. I am lagging behind by around 31 kilometres and this happened during the past few weeks. Overall for the month of Sep-22, my total kilometres are going to be very less.  

New Year Resolutions - Week 38 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

3. Launch Events - I attended the launch events of Huawei Nova 10 and also the Vivo V25 Launch event along with the Comic Con 22 invite. I also attended the VMware launch event too during the course of this week. For some of the launch event goodies, I have made videos on my YT channel. During the course of this week, I was invited to 5 events and could only make it to 4 of them. 

4. Entertainment - I completed the Dahan: Raakan ka Rahasya web series in a single sitting by binge-watching it on Saturday. It's a nice series for one time watch and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The ending though is not a great one though. I am not able to find any interesting web series for a few weeks now. I kept watching the weekly episodes of The Rings of Power, She-Hulk and Adhura Sach: Criminal Justice. I still have to start watching House of the Dragon in the coming months once season 1 is aired fully and all episodes are available to binge-watch.  

5. YouTube - I am continuously creating a lot of YT Shorts and long-form videos for your viewing pleasure. Do check them out and give it a like if you have seen them or comment where I can improve on them. I am now getting double-digit views on my videos as compared to single-digit views. I am sure as my quality and content improve, I will be into three digits views on all my long-form videos. 

I have received a lot of goodies which I have shared with my friends and relatives from time to time. I intend to give away everything I don't need to those who value those stuff and it will have a huge impact on their life. Only by being grateful, you can open the doors where there is no window also. 

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