Wednesday 22 September 2021

Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview

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We are flooded with things that we need to carry along with us as we embark on a journey outside our home and sometimes during those situations we always lose control in terms of not finding the keys, bag as we roam around the house and our eyes are not able to see the thing right in front of us. That's what haste makes you as you go like a headless chicken yelling at the top of your voice and feeling irritated at the kids, wife or any other family member or maids. I have seen moments like this in my life from time to time despite commanding that the keys should only be kept at this location, the bags shall go here in this almirah, the important documents shall be put in this file but in our day to day living those rules are missed from time to time. When you miss these rules due to whatever reason, there is going to be an incident soon enough. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
Samsung has launched a new device that can keep your small worries away that can reduce your irritation and also enables that you keep track of them using your smartphone or even smartphone in case you lost that too. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag comes in two versions Tag and Tag+. The Smart Tag basically makes anything trackable. The other function performed by a SmartTag is to enable any IoT device to turn on or off using the press of a button on the tag. The SmartTag only weighs 13 grams and feels like a premium device in its rounded square shape. It has a keyhole slot to attach to your keys, pets locket or anything which has importance in your life. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
Samsung SmartTag works on Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has a coverage of around 120meters. It has its own battery CR2032 which will last for around 300 days. There is a buzzer speaker which buzzes when you want it to use the SmartThings app preinstalled on a Samsung device. Using the app you can assign what happens when you press the button or keep it held. Using both the options you can control your other smart devices, send notifications to anyone and do various other things. You can adjust the volume and ringtone in case you want your tag to find your smartphone. It can be any other ringtone that is not assigned as a regular one on your smartphone making it easier to listen and identify your lost phone. The app also shows the battery capacity left in the SmartTag with sufficient being 16-100%, Low 6-15% and Very low from 0-5%. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
The best part is if you have multiple tags attached to various living or non-living things you can name them too. Also, you mark the category to which a particular tag is assigned to options being - 
  • Key
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Backpack
  • Briefcase
  • Wallet
  • Bike
  • ID card
  • Umbrella
  • Emergency item
  • Car
  • Car Key
  • Camera
  • Luggage
  • Stroller
  • Remote
  • Motorcycle
  • Drone
  • Laptop
  • Wheelchair
  • Handbag
  • Toolbox
  • Sports Gear
  • Headphones
  • Tumbler
  • Scooter
  • Cane
  • Walker
  • Other
So as you can see the options and use is based on what your brain can think of as Samsung has provided you with the latest technology to enjoy. I really loved the option of attaching them to a Drone, Car or cane. The drone is something that gets flown away and has its own way of losing and the last I read the location drone provides is not exact whereas the SamrtTag will be able to navigate you to the exact location where your drone lost its power. The car is also one category which can help you during those shows where you park some kilometres away from the stadium and gets lost after the show. It has happened to me a lot during the Monster Trucks shows as well as always in one of the shopping malls and a yearly event of The Rand Show in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am sure the SmartTag will now guide me to the car and I need to test this feature on my next trip. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag retails around R499 per piece and there are 2 pieces packs also available at some discounted prices from various online retailers. It's currently only compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well as tablets with Android versions higher than 8.0. In the end, SmartTag is something unique and makes your things smart just be a simple attachment to the same. There are a lot of accessories that will be built across this new device once the market starts responding to this and the adoption factor becomes high. The Galaxy SmartTag + is another option you can go for but I have not had my hands on the same so far. I currently only have a single SmartTag but I intended to have a collection of the same in different colours for my several items which I want to track in the future. Thanks, Samsung South Africa for making smart gadgets and bringing us a worry-free life! Thanks!!!

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