Wednesday 1 September 2021

NEW @HuaweiZA #HuaweiNovaY60 and #HuaweiNova8 Now Available from @TelkomZA

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The new Huawei Nova Y60 and Nova 8 are part of the new Nova series and this September Telkom is championing Monate and connecting you to these new devices as of 1 September 2021. Telkom’s online channel and physical stores across the country will be showering customers with exemplary service and compelling products with a fresh burst of innovation, as well as devices with features that appeal to all types of users.

These two beautiful-looking devices from the nova series will impress you with their top-of-the-line camera specs and larger-than-life batteries. Qualifying customers for the deal include new and existing Telkom Mobile and Business subscribers as well as Prepaid and Post-paid subscribers.
NEW @HuaweiZA #HuaweiNovaY60 and #HuaweiNova8 Now Available from @TelkomZA
The Huawei Nova Y60 lets you capture every aspect of life with its 13MP triple AI camera that allows users to capture clearer photos with ease. The new Nova Y60 gives users an immersive multimedia experience with its 6.6-inch Huawei Full View display and its huge 5000mAh battery. The device uses a smart AI power-saving algorithm that ensures that it lasts for at least three days without being powered up.

The Huawei Nova 8 has four cameras, the 64MP HD main camera, a 120° ultra-wide-angle AI camera, a Bokeh (depth-of-field) camera and a macro camera with a super-short shooting distance of just 4cm. It features the Kirin 820E chip, along with 8GB of RAM, and a 3,800 mAh battery. The nova 8 features a superb re-designed aesthetic, fresh look, bold design and is built for a generation that is always on the go.
NEW @HuaweiZA #HuaweiNovaY60 and #HuaweiNova8 Now Available from @TelkomZA
The Huawei Nova Y60 is bundled with a Huawei Bluetooth Headset and the Huawei Nova 8 is bundled with a Freebuds 4i, while stocks last. These smartphones come with a two-year warranty. Deals on the Nova Y60 start from R239,00 on FreeMe 1.5GB x24 months and Deals on the Nova 8 start from R549,00 on FreeMe 1.5GB x24 months.

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