Tuesday 15 October 2019


Hi Friends,

I have been to many shows but never I have been to a show that changed my life for the good. The show as not only comical but also with learning that will take you places in your relationships. I really loved the show and you shall not miss it whenever it opens next in case you missed it in the city of Johannesburg. Jason is at the top of his game and the way he takes you through his married life and learnings is awesome and will leave you in laughter to the core. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and fell in love with the same immediately. Go Watch It if you get chance in your life! 

Larger than life funny man Jason Goliath, brought his second one man show, MANSTRUATION: Surviving a Wife, 2 – 12 October 2019 at the Auto and General Theatre on The Square, Sandton City, Johannesburg. Jason is one of the very few comedians fondly known for getting away with making audiences laugh at life’s uncomfortable truths. Now having married the love of his life, audiences can prepare themselves for brutally honest and uncomfortable truths around relationships and a whole lot of laughter! 

MANSTRUATION is a perfect night out. Whether you are in a short-term or long-term relationship, engaged, married, divorced or single, the show is a must see! 
Jason promises that his show it is not a story about the battle of the sexes. The very construct of the show is unbiased as it makes light of either side in the Jason Goliath way; hilarious and thought provoking. His authenticity and energetic personality will soon win you over and more than likely, leave you gaping at a thought, then immediately breaking into raucous laughter. 

The content of the show talks to various types of relationships, but also the various stages of relationships, the relationships one should stay in and relationships one should get out of. 

What should audiences expect? This is first a comedy show, so audiences need to be prepared for tons of laughter, wheezing and happy tears from start to finish – that is the best part! But when audiences leave the show, they will be enlightened, which Jason says is not always a positive thing. “After leaving my show, I want people to better understand their situation and start thinking about what they want, where they are going. I want people in amazing relationships to “get out of their own way”, more often we take things too seriously, we have become too sensitive, we overanalyze and have become so selfish. My show offers a deeper understanding and a solution in the way I know best – funny”. 

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