Tuesday 15 October 2019

#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA

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Have you heard about the latest convenient transport solution for commuters in Mzansi? 

It’s the answer for an early-rising millennial who wakes up in the morning to prove she’s worthy of a seat at the corporate table. It’s the ideal option for Generation Y youngsters hustling in the big city for their big break. It’s the remedy to long queues waiting for public transport. The way forward, bafwethu, exists in an app known as … Lifti
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
Lifti has turned on the ignition key for improved mobility with its tech-savvy transport solution for a new generation of South Africans, offering a more affordable and convenient way to travel. It provides a new way of getting to work, going on holiday in style, and living your best life through a shared ride. 

The app is more than just a pretty face. It has recently been honoured with the Smarter Mobility AfricaAward for providing a mobility solution that will help alleviate some of the transport challenges commuters face. 
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
Even if you own your own vehicle, you can benefit from Lifti – it can help you pay off your car, save on fuel costs and be more spontaneous to go on road trips with people willing to split the petrol bill. 

We all know that taxi maths can seem like rocket science the moment your cab fare has five bob extra. Do you want a way to get around without paying more? Use Lifti and cough up coins that make cents and sense. 

Lifti also cares for your safety – and it goes the extra mile, making sure all its drivers and passengers are verified using their identity documents. This allows you to travel with peace of mind, knowing that you will reach your destination. The app allows you to ride with commuters of your choice based on your preferences and easily sends and tracks your location.
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
So, if you’ve got the will, Lifti will definitely get you on your way. It shifts the concept of lift clubs to a whole new gear and lets you get around how you want to be driven, regardless of whether you want to roll out in a simple starter pack or in a VrrPha.

To find a ride, passengers enter their desired pickup and drop-off locations. They then receive suggestions of possible matches traveling in the same direction at the same or similar times and select who they would like to ride with. 

Passengers can choose between once-off and recurring trips. They can also send a message with pickup instructions. Once passengers arrive safely at their destination, they pay the driver securely via the app and provide a rating. The driver can also rate their passengers.
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
The app has also partnered with KIA Motors to promote the benefits of shared mobility, launching the partnership in Transport Month. “KIA is an automotive company that not only supports start-ups like Lifti, but also cares about how people move from point A to B,” says Lifti co-founder and owner Tshepo Seeletso.

“They want to help people who may not have cars today to get to work without hassles, while they save money to become KIA customers in the future,” he adds.

“For KIA, this is for a bigger cause than profit,” says Lifti chief operations officer and co-founder Tshepo Rox Sikwane “The company wants to support the underserved segment of people who can benefit from this partnership between KIA and Lifti, helping commuters keep a bigger percentage of their salaries in their pockets and saving money on transport.”

Simply register one account and seamlessly move between being a driver or passenger. Keep things fluidly mobile with Lifti.

Visit the Lifti website or social media channels to find out more:
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
About Lifti
Lifti is the next generation of lift club. It’s a new way of getting around.
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
The locally owned Lifti app offers a tech-savvy transportation solution to a new generation of South Africans. It’s a more convenient way for people to get where they’re going.

Lifti is all about sharing travel costs. It provides an affordable way to get to work or from A to B. It's not a way for drivers to earn a living but passenger tariffs help cover fuel and maintenance costs, car repayments, etc.

Lifti keeps mobility fluid. Register one account and seamlessly change between being a driver or passenger.
#Lifti: It’s More Than Just A Ride – It’s A #Lifestyle @Lifti_ZA
Lifti lets you make your own way.


KIA’s relationship with Lifti

Lifti is collaborating with KIA to help South Africans move up in the world. KIA Motors and Lifti are running a pilot project to promote the benefits of shared mobility. Lifti will transform transport trends. We challenge South Africans to think about transport in a new way.

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