Tuesday 25 June 2019

#TheLifesWayGoals @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 5/6/7 #HuaweiHealthSA

Hi Friends, 

It really requires a strong will power to continue and leave aside your regular tasks and lifestyle to carry on to some new goals in your life. I have been missing on my goal for which I was getting prepared and as I thought that I am going good, I relaxed my will power to focus on watching Netflix TV series and posting a lot of blog posts on my blog and other social media channels which I was not able to do when I was walking every alternate day as  per my schedule. Another idea hit me in Week 4 that I shall walk daily rather than stretching myself on Tue and Thu and Sat and do some regular walking to save on time and put regular effort daily. That is the worst idea as daily it's almost impossible for me to go out and with weather fluctuating in Johannesburg, South Africa my body is always looking for some reasons to not go out. 
#TheLifesWayGoals @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 5/6/7 #HuaweiHealthSA
After 3 weeks of TV watching including all the cricket matches and Lucifer Season 1, Designated Survivor Season 3 and many other movies I can surely say that Entertainment and Fitness can't go hand in hand for me. I have to sacrifice one at the expense of others and now since the past 3 weeks, my body is not keeping well as compared to when I was walking regularly. I am again committing myself to the schedule and going to enhance my walking in a month left to the race day. Time flies and the race day will be much nearer than I thought as I wasted first 3 weeks of June in stuff which I wanted to do but was postponing so it's a win-lose situation but I am ok about it. 

I have been looking for my shoes and wanted to experiment with the PUMA ones I have but those seem to be unlucky shoes as I didn't walk in those more than 3.18km on 4th June 2019. I shall return to my old, dusty and torn shoes from New Balance as they are my heart and they love me and I love them. They are the only lucky ones which kept me on track for such a long time on anything. Let's start with them again and walk till the end in those only, who cares. It's a race for myself and my body and nobody else cares about that. I have this problem from the start of my life that I need to have all the resources ready for me to start something which is always a wrong strategy. You shall always start and resources come on the way! Let's try to change it and build towards a healthier future Aashish Rai Jain! Amen!

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