Wednesday 19 June 2019

Unique @FUJIFILM_SA @InstaxS #miniLiPlay Hybrid Camera Launched At #PrintLifeSA Exhibition

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FUJIFILM is redefining the world of instant photography with the introduction of the stylish and sleek Instax mini LiPlay hybrid camera. Launched in South Africa to coincide with the FUJIFILM PrintLife Exhibition, currently running at Sandton City, Johannesburg, this instant camera offers a number of wonderful features never before seen in FUJIFILM’s line-up of point, shoot and print cameras.

For one, the Instax mini LiPlay is specially designed to act as both an instant camera and a photo printer. As with any Instax camera, users can snap and print photos directly from the camera. However, the mini LiPlay connects via an app to smartphones, with users then able to print any photo stored on that device. With this feature, Instax brings together the best of its hybrid cameras, such as the SQUARE SQ20, and its portable smartphone printers, such as the SHARE SP-3.
Unique @FUJIFILM_SA @InstaxS #miniLiPlay Hybrid Camera Launched At #PrintLifeSA Exhibition
Photos, now with a message
This Instax mini LiPlay is certainly not a one-trick-pony since it has another unique card up to the sleeve: Voice notes. One would expect that sound and photos do not play well together, however, the Instax mini LiPlay is about to change this forever. Users are able to take a picture of a friend, record a voice note (up to 10 seconds) for him or her via a button at the front of the camera, and then print out the photo. The print will feature a unique QR code which can be scanned by smartphone in order to listen to the recorded message. This is a first-time feature that can only be found on the Instax mini LiPlay camera.
Unique @FUJIFILM_SA @InstaxS #miniLiPlay Hybrid Camera Launched At #PrintLifeSA Exhibition
Save, edit, print
The Instax mini LiPlay is the first of the Instax mini range – printing on mini photo paper – that allows users to save images on the device and select which one they want to print. Up to 46 images can be stored on the built-in storage space, with the device allowing for added memory via microSD or microSDHC cards. Users can select their best shots on the 2.7-in. TFT color LCD monitor at the back, while also editing images on the fly.

To add extra spice to photos, it’s possible to apply one of six filters directly from the camera - black & white, sepia, the stylish, vivid, poster of fish-eye. There are also ten different creative frames to choose from, while 20 more are available from the Instax mini LiPlay app. Through the app, users can assign any of the frames to one of the camera’s shortcut buttons on the side to make in-camera editing easier.

For those who love group photos, the Instax mini LiPlay app has a wonderful extra – it can be used as a remote to snap a photo from a distance.
Unique @FUJIFILM_SA @InstaxS #miniLiPlay Hybrid Camera Launched At #PrintLifeSA Exhibition
Live life and Play
From a size perspective, the Instax mini LiPlay is the smallest and lightest camera in the Instax range, coming in at a mere 255 g. As always, photos are printed quickly and easily, with printing taking no more than 12 seconds.

It’s never a case of all work and no play when it comes to Instax since there’s also a range of stylish accessories, such as the color-coded camera straps specifically designed for the Instax mini LiPlay. Users can furthermore look forward to film cases that double as photo displays, plus photo albums to help with the protection of memories.
Unique @FUJIFILM_SA @InstaxS #miniLiPlay Hybrid Camera Launched At #PrintLifeSA Exhibition

FUJIFILM PrintLife Exhibition
The Instax mini LiPlay debuted at the FUJIFILM PrintLife Exhibition, currently on display at Sandton City’s Centre Court. South Africans from all walks of life have submitted their favorite photos, which were then printed by FUJIFILM for free. A total of 3000 photos are currently on display, with this the first time the FUJIFILM PrintLife Exhibition is held on African soil. The PrintLife concept originated in Japan in 2006, with the exhibition making its way across the globe to countries such as Germany, Spain, Canada, and the United States, amongst others.

The PrintLife Exhibition is running from 18 June 2019 until 24 June 2019, where visitors are able to not only browse the photos but also interact with FUJIFILM X Series and Instax cameras, amongst which the new mini LiPlay. Visitors can come to have their photo taken in support of WaterAid, with FUJIFILM X-Photographers presenting workshops for those wanting to improve their photography.
Unique @FUJIFILM_SA @InstaxS #miniLiPlay Hybrid Camera Launched At #PrintLifeSA Exhibition
Cost and availability
The FUJIFILM Instax mini LiPlay is available in three beautifully stylish colors - Blush Gold, Stone White, and Elegant Black, each offering a texture unique to the touch.

The mini LiPlay hybrid camera can be found in select retail stores and online for a recommended retail price of R2499. FUJIFILM Instax mini photo paper is available in packs of ten or 20, costing in the region of R160 and R300 respectively.

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