Thursday 20 June 2019

P(hone) In On Your Holiday @HuaweiZA #HuaweiP30Series #RewriteTheRules #MobilePhotography

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Our phones are an integral part of many aspects of our daily lives and we use them hundreds of times a day for communication, entertainment and information, both at work or school and at home. 

Our phones have become especially important for those family trips. From keeping the kids occupied on those long drives to avoid the irritating “Are we there yet?” Questions, to preserving invaluable holiday memories through photos and videos, phones are something we now simply can’t do without when on vacation. 

Going the distance 
As phone technologies have progressed over the years, so too have their features that enable us to make the most of our family getaways. One of these is our phones’ navigation tools, powered by a long-life battery. There is no longer a need to buy multiple map books for a holiday, or even bring along a separate GPS device to chart your route. These days, you simply use your phone’s GPS app. Of course, a battery life that goes the distance is imperative for this feature; no one wants to spend the start of their holiday going miles out of their way because their phone battery (and sole navigation tool) has died on them. 

For the tots 
We all know the little ones can get a bit (sometimes more than a bit!) restless, especially when traveling long distances cooped up in a confined space, such as in cars or planes. Luckily, many phones now come built in with advanced gaming technologies with revolutionary graphics, thankfully redirecting kids’ attention from getting on their parents’ nerves to winning their games. Couple this with extended battery life capabilities, and we’re good to go for quite a few uninterrupted hours of peaceful traveling. 
P(hone) In On Your Holiday @HuaweiZA #HuaweiP30Series #RewriteTheRules #MobilePhotography
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Say what? 
For those trips abroad, smartphones now enable us to completely dismantle language barriers through their advanced translation features. Bus schedules, street signs, and restaurant menus no longer have to be a source of unnecessary stress and confusion, allowing us to achieve that much-needed state of peace and relaxation that the holiday was intended for. 

In retrospect 
Regrettably, holidays have a habit of flying by all too quickly, and before we know it we’re back at our desks again. Luckily, post-vacation blues can be combatted by looking back on our memories on our smartphone, allowing us to relive those precious times with loved ones. 

Thanks to increased storage space on smartphones, no moment has to go uncaptured, which lets us reflect on every single moment of our holidays from start to finish. That high-definition video depicting your young son running on the beach, or that image of the family all huddled around a cozy fire in the bush become a great source of escape from the doldrums of everyday life. 

Fit for purpose 
The new Huawei P30 Pro provides users with all of these features. Its 4200mAh battery lasts roughly two days when fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying on you midway through navigating around the Karoo. With its Leica Quad Camera System, which includes a 40MP primary camera with the HUAWEI SuperSpectrum Sensor, the Huawei P30 Pro provides users with the ability to capture extraordinary photos and videos. Its 8MP camera with a periscope design allows for incredible zooming capabilities – without affecting the quality of the image – while the ultra-wide 20MP unit enables you to capture the most beautiful wide shot images of mountains and shorelines. Lastly, the phone’s 32MP selfie camera invites you to snap those silly holiday-mode selfies in high quality, adding even more vivid memories to the photo gallery – all of which can be stored on the phone’s 256 GB storage space. 

To keep the kids busy, the new Huawei P30 Pro boasts beautiful high definition graphics for gaming and a GPU turbo 3.0. This optimizes the performance of games through an AI SIM Switch, which means no more stuttering or lag while gaming (and no more whining from the kids). When the signal in SIM 1 is poor, the system automatically switches to SIM 2 to secure a stronger network. This is ideal for traveling, as we all know phone signal can often change quite drastically when we’re on the go. 

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