Monday 24 September 2018

On @SpotifySA Playlists Have No Borders - Broadening Reach for Local Artists #SpotifySouthAfrica

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The launch of Spotify, the largest global music streaming subscription service, into South Africa in March provided a ‘game-changing’ opportunity for the local music industry, according to Claudius Boller, Spotify MD for Middle East & Africa.

Globally, Spotify has enhanced the way artists connect with music fans by introducing individual artists and their music to millions of people around the world. With a worldwide community of over 180 million music fans across 65 countries, the introduction of Spotify to the South African market extends the potential global reach for local artists. The benefits of having a dedicated local music curator on board for South Africa has ensured that local artists are supported across Spotify - promoting these artists to a broad audience who otherwise may not have been exposed to South African talent.

This was the case with South African megastar AKA, where tracks from his latest sell-out album Touch My Blood, featured on global Spotify playlist We Everywhere. To date, AKA’s Beyoncé track holds the highest first-day streaming record for a South African single, in the country.

A key feature of Spotify’s commitment to artists and their careers is Spotify for Artists, a powerful free resource for artists and their managers to track the global performance of their music in real time. In this way, artists can better understand and build their audiences, with invaluable statistical data and insights into who is listening to their music, which music is performing the best, and where those fans are located.
On @SpotifySA Playlists Have No Borders - Broadening Reach for Local Artists #SpotifySouthAfrica
With this resource, artists can access a range of analytics including; the demographics of their listening audience, listeners’ anonymized geographical locations, similar artists that their fans listen to, the number of real-time listeners, song performance data, playlist data and playlist notifications.

Spotify for Artists provides the analytical support that artists need to optimize their performance and focus on doing what they do best - creating music to share with fans around the world. This data provides strategic insight to direct how artists promote themselves and the potential to explore different market and audiences based on who is listening to their music.

The latest data reflects that local artists such as DJ Maphorisa have more Spotify listeners in Paris, Toronto, London, Montreal, and New York than in Johannesburg while most of Babes Wodumo’s Spotify listeners come from Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Chicago, and New York. Nasty C’s key Spotify listenership originates from Paris, Toronto, London, Montreal, and New York, with additional listeners in Japan and Mexico, which certainly helped propel his latest track King to the spot of second highest first-day streaming record for a South African track since launch. Most streamed South African female artist Shekhinah, also has listeners in the US, Canada, and Sweden among her top 10 listener countries. Overall Jeremy Loops is the most streamed South African artist since launching.*

Educational empowerment is a key focus of the Spotify for Artists platform, with a host of useful and informative video and editorial content to better understand Spotify, music streaming and the music industry in general. The Spotify community, made up of industry experts and musicians, has a wealth of music industry knowledge. To ensure this knowledge is accessible to artists at all stages of their career, Spotify for Artists launched The Game Plan, an original video drawing on the expertise of the Spotify community, to provide tips, tools, and strategies that can help artists build their careers, both on and off the Spotify platform.

The Spotify for Artists platform launched in April 2017 and has since expanded to include a variety of new features and analytics updates and is constantly improving and developing new products and services to better suit the needs of artists at all stages of their career. The Spotify for Artists app also recently launched on both iOS and Android platforms, improving the real-time access for artists allowing them to directly control their profiles from their phones, wherever they are.

Download the Spotify app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to - to embed Spotify into a website - right click on any playlist, go to 'share' and copy the embed code.

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