Saturday 15 September 2018

@Gammatek Puts Fun back into Collecting with Funko! #ComicConAfrica #rAgeExpo2018

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A toy collecting Frenzy has started all around the country thanks to the wonderful and whimsical Funko collectibles brought to SA by Gammatek! Since Funko was introduced to the South African market, it has taken the nation by storm! Rare characters and exclusive units have sparked a treasure-hunting frenzy for all ages and made collecting fun again.

More and more pictures are surfacing on social media of South African collectors having “Funko Showrooms” in their houses.

“Funko allows people to connect through memories by giving people an opportunity to collect something that had a hand in sculpting them as an individual, that is why the variations of Funko collections will vary from person to person” – says Funko Collector Louis le Roux.
@Gammatek Puts Fun back into Collecting with Funko! #ComicConAfrica #rAgeExpo2018
Funko is not just a toy, it is a hobby, a treasure hunt and an exciting way to collect a tangible representation of your favorite characters or celebrities. With so many humorous and creative interpretations of characters, there will always be a Funko to suit anyone’s taste. These collectibles are focused on diversity and a collection can be started in any of the following categories: Theatrical, Music, Gaming, Sport, Television and Anime. This diversity ensures that there will be a Funko character for anyone!
An Award Winning Company
Funko inc. was the Warner Brothers EMEA licensee of the year and was also awarded the People’s choice award for the 2018 Toy of the year, as well as the 2018 award for the Walt Disney Company’s best toy product. Funko has also been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Licensing Awards! This will be an award well deserved as the company holds over 1100 licenses and the range is ever expanding!

The company is built on the principle that “Everyone is a fan of something!” and with over 75 new product releases every week, there would certainly be a character to suit anyone’s taste. “Our interests are teasingly diverse, so there’s something for everyone. If you know what they are a fan of, you will be able to find a Funko character for them that would make the perfect gift and that they will surely love” – says Zev Cherniak from Funko SA
More than just a toy
Funko Chase - A rarity aspect was introduced with the Chase units that collectors will go to massive extents to get their hands on. You can visit to check the rarity and value of the characters and as you will find, some characters can fetch quite a bit of money! This makes the hunt for the perfect Funko exciting, a hunt for a potential investment, and more than just a toy.

Funko exclusives - Certain Funko characters are exclusively available to certain retailers and events. These are known as retail exclusives and sparks “treasure hunting” behaviors amongst collectors. The first event exclusives, that was offered to the South African market was at Fancon Capetown that was held in April. The units were special editions of Maleficent, Draiden Voss, and King Aragorn.

There are another two great events coming to SA this year that we would certainly recommend visiting if you are looking for the widest range of Funko on display. Comic-con Africa will be held in Johannesburg (14 – 16 September) and Rage (5 – 7 October 2018), the gaming expo will also showcase a large variety of Funko products for sale.

Start your Funko collection today and you too will soon realize how much FUN collecting can actually be.

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