Monday 17 September 2018

@MontecasinoZA Stays Ahead of the Gaming Game #GottaLuvMonte

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Changing consumer trends and a tough economic environment for the majority of the population impacts many industry sectors. Gaming is one of them, says Kamal Parbhoo, Montecasino Slots Manager. “To stay ahead of the game, we must constantly monitor and manage every corner of the casino floor to ensure optimal turnover and maximum customer enjoyment and entertainment.”

The Montecasino gaming floor ( is divided into three sections – the main casino floor, the smoking casino, and the Privé ( for high rollers – with a total of 1 700 slot machines (, which account for about 70% of the casino’s revenue.

Parbhoo has a staff of 182 and is responsible for ensuring that the slots department achieves its targets and maintains growth and that it remains in line with Tsogo Sun’s strategic objectives, while also maintaining ‘game integrity’ for players.

He says trends in slots playing have shifted over the last few years, which is driven by our customers who ultimately dictate the supply and demand on offer, primarily to higher volatility slots games where the stakes tend to be a bit higher and the wins bigger. “Overall, the cost of a spin, which is variable and based on the customer's risk versus reward strategy, and the number of lines on slot machines have increased, which has impacted turnover in the casino. The trick for us is to make sure that we have the right balance of machines in the right positions at all times,” says Parbhoo.

It remains fascinating that some of the older slots games – Geisha, Queen of the Nile, Pompeii – have continued to have high appeal on the casino floor for decades.

In the Privé, which accounts for a large percentage of the casino’s turnover, the ‘entertainment’ value is on big wins from the slots machines, rather than on the games, the graphics, the stories, and the flashing lights and ringing bells.

The smoking casino too attracts the more serious gamer and is a popular area, with only 25% of the floor space, which is according to gaming legislation. “Regulations restrict the space we can allocate to a smoking section, which means we need to optimize every square centimeter to make sure it delivers a great experience and that we have the best product in the area and as much product as possible.”

“As with all businesses, we need to prioritize on our budget and available capital to make sure that we are getting the optimum returns. Based on close analysis of monthly stats, we make decisions to eliminate inefficiencies throughout the floor, which are where our customers are not playing due to no longer enjoying a particular product,” Parbhoo says.
@MontecasinoZA Stays Ahead of the Gaming Game #GottaLuvMonte

Another area that is an absolute non-negotiable and is crucial to the casino’s ongoing success is compliance. “Gaming is an exceptionally regulated environment and we need to stay on top of compliance with every machine all the time, or we run the risk of compromising our gaming license. Every machine must be set exactly according to what we applied for – it means that we are strict with our self-regulation and conduct our own internal audits to make sure there is no chance of human error.”

Parbhoo, who has been Slots Manager at Montecasino since January 2015, first joined Tsogo Sun at Suncoast in 2002 as a Surveillance Specialist. He worked his way up to Slots Manager at Suncoast in May 2011, before moving to Montecasino.

He says, “I have been fortunate to have played a role in the transformation of the gaming floor at Montecasino, which is fresh and appealing and accessible, and with the Privé, which in my mind is probably the most valuable piece of gaming floor per square meter in this country.”

Parbhoo adds that with a complex such as Montecasino, Tsogo Sun’s flagship entertainment destination, the business must be viewed holistically. “All the offerings and management of the property work together, with different events and attractions bringing feet in, who are then likely to extend the entertainment into other areas, such as in the casino. Likewise, a massive casino promotion offering big prizes will bring players in, who are then likely to stay for a meal or a drink. Being aware of the ‘big picture’ of events, offers, festivals, and promotions at Montecasino ensures smoother planning in the casino.”

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