Saturday 15 September 2018

Tomy Takkies Challenges South Africa to Walk It Off #WalkItOff @TomyTakkies

Hi Friends,

Everybody’s favorite sneaker is back on the block and is slicker, cooler and cheekier than ever.

Through the #WalkItOff campaign, Tomy is going for the funny bone to elicit an eish about the embarrassing, awkward, hilarious moments that we as South Africans have to walk off on the daily - we all know how it feels to get blue ticked again. Best you #WalkItOff, fam.

To celebrate the re-launch of Tomy Takkies, Trevor Gumbi invited four of Jozi’s finest up-and-coming comedians to the Goliath Comedy Club to unleash the burns on each other, and ultimately King Trevor himself. While Eric Jansen, Thabiso Mhlongo, Bongani Dube and Gavin Kelly gave the Roast Master a run for his money, Trevor laid down a couple of devastating blows, leaving the juniors no choice but to walk it off.
Tomy Takkies Challenges South Africa to Walk It Off #WalkItOff @TomyTakkies
According to John Harman, CEO of Bata Shoes South Africa, it’s time for South Africans to stop taking themselves so seriously. “It’s easy to feel down about the state of things, there are so many opportunities to find the humor in all situations - to laugh at ourselves and each other - and to learn to just walk it off. Trevor Gumbi is the perfect comedian to partner with because he sees the funny in any situation and knows how to roll with the punches with a smile on his face when the tables are turned.”
Tomy Takkies Challenges South Africa to Walk It Off #WalkItOff @TomyTakkies
Tomy has seriously upped their game with the cool new range of sneaks to suit any street style, self-expression or fashion sensibility. And with this new persona, Tomy challenges you to be cheeky, check yourself and step up your sense of humor.

Most of us can talk the talk, but can you Walk It Off? Grab a pair of Tomy kicks and get going.
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