Wednesday 9 September 2015

Spring Clean your #Android Smartphone #HTCOneLifeSA

Hi Guys, 

While you’re doing your spring cleaning, why not take the time to clear out the clutter on your Android smartphone? Getting rid of the apps you don’t use, the songs you no longer love, and all old messages, videos and emails can clear up some storage space for new content. We keep on accumulating stuff inside our mobile devices - knowingly and unknowingly sometimes. I generally clear up my phone from time to time as it gives a faster performance if you keep apps you don't use to the minimal. 

Start out by checking how much total storage you have and determine how much is still available under your phone’s settings. If you’re running short of space, HTC recommends that you take these easy steps to clear up room for new apps and media on your device:

1. Save photos to online storage
Photos, videos and docs on the phone take up a lot of storage space. To reduce the impact on your storage space, you can set your phone to automatically upload photos to an online service such as Google Drive, which you can download from Google Play, if you don’t have it already and own an HTC smartphone, then Google Drive will give you 15GB free storage for 2 years. Otherwise, keep storing them on your laptop from time to time to create space in your smartphone. 

2. Remove unused apps
If you have apps installed on your phone that you rarely use, uninstalling them will free up some space. Clearing out the app cache on your phone is also a great way of freeing up some space. Also, HTC gives you access to disable apps which won't be taking running space on your device but will stay in your settings>apps to enable again if anytime you want to use them again. 
3. Export files and data to a computer
If you have work-related documents or other confidential files on your phone, you can easily move them to your computer. Using your USB cable, plug your phone into your computer, your phone will be recognised as a removable drive, allowing you to access the file storage and from here you can find and copy the files. Once done, you can delete the original files from your phone or simply cut and paste to save the effort. 

4. Clear out your downloads folder
Your Downloads folder can get clogged with images, with PDFs and other files. Check through the Downloaded folder on your phone and delete these files from there. Alternatively, you can connect your phone to your computer and delete files from there after taking a data dump so that you don't need to download the same again if required in future. 

5. Use High-Speed Memory Card
Add a micro-SD card to your device to increase storage space and transfer your files onto the SD card once installed. This will not only boost your phone’s storage, but the speed too, with a smartphone such as the HTC One M9 supporting additional memory cards up to 128GB. Don't use a slow SD card (series 4) as it will easily be corrupted and will really slow your smartphone, better invest in series 10 cards. 


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