Monday 21 September 2015

The more you travel, more miles you earn @Citibank #PremierMilesCard #India

Hi Guys, 

Long before the invention of money, people used to barter their goods for whatever they want in return. Slowly with time, coins and papers notes took center stage and gained a lot of acceptance all over the world. Gold and Silver coins were very much popular because of the actual value of the precious metal. In modern world, though precious metals still hold value but currency notes and coins took the center stage. It became the most popular mode of forgery as people started making their own and earned a lot in the actual money. Banks and other financial institutions discovered a method to keep people away from coins and currency notes, which became so popular that now our lives seems incomplete with the same. It was the invention of Credit Cards and Debit Cards which eventually reduced the consumption of coins and paper notes. These small plastic cards had a huge potential and world started carrying the same around the world. Eventually as technology grew further the ease to use and faster processing of payments helped the businesses and banks as well as the end users. 

How users can benefit from using a small plastic device was the main concern that everyone has on their minds? It was that during those times a lot of pattern and strategy starts to emerge worldwide. Air travel was becoming cheaper and with the growth of Information Technology jobs from the outsourced countries, younger population stated earning a lot of money with onsite jobs in every country. People with huge income at their disposal wanting big credit cards which can give them a lot of upgrades from travelling in an economy class to business or first class using the amount of points they have collected on their credit cards via shopping and spending the money.

I too only got my first credit card when I started earning and it has a profound effect on my attitude towards money. I started spending only using the credit card as it used to give me a credit period of 45 days before the next statement comes on zero percent rate of interest. I can buy now and pay later which enabled me to prioritize my budget. I always wanted to have a Citibank Credit Card because of the rewards program that they had as well as the best point conversion ratio amongst all other vendors. With some of Citibank cards, every point holds value of Rs. 1 per point which is maximum as industry average is around 25-40 paise per point. 
Citibank credit card has ties up with the best partners around the world to travel, dine and shop. When I was in London, I really made use of my card to buy a lot of stuff as the forex rate was really competitive along with all the extra points that you earn when you shop in a foreign country. Travelers need to check the various terms and conditions before narrowing down on the card which serves them the best. I really admire the Citibank’s PremierMiles Credit card because as a frequent traveler it serves you at airports, hotels and many other benefits with leading airlines. Check out the card and apply here.

Citibank needs no introduction and so will you if you have the PremierMiles card in your pockets as it will support you at every stage of your dream journey or official travel. Lounge access is complimentary up to 6-8 visits in a single quarter in various domestic and international airports in India. The best part of the PremierMiles card is the miles never expire but they come at a cost of annual fees of Rs 3000 and gets you 10000 miles when you make any single purchase worth Rs. 1000 within the two months of getting the new card. Miles can also be transferred to various hotel partners as well as can be redeemed for shopping vouchers and merchandise. 

If you use your Credit card well, it can be a great wish fulfiller like genie which will give you the power to earn little something extra as you pay for your necessities. I have used several credit cards and among all, I still love my Citibank Indian Oil Credit Card for my domestic usage and if you are travelling overseas, PremierMiles gives you a lot of value as every mile you earn can make all your future travel comfortable and may be free sometimes. Go check the same, enroll for it asap and start earning miles. You can also follow Citibank on Facebook and check several other Citibank credit cards (Indian Oil, Rewards & many more) which you can also apply based on your want and need.


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