Friday 8 May 2015

Product Review - @AramexSA Global Shopper - Part 2

Hi Guys,

Aramex Global Shopper is an amazing concept to get your favorite gadgets as soon as possible from the launch countries. Now you don't need to go to gray market and pay enormous amount to buy the latest Apple gadgets. It's also beneficial for something that is going for sale or cheap prices in US / UK markets. I always see there is a huge mismatch in prices between the United States and every other country around the world. It's always great to have something from the source as the extra cost you can afford and ready to pay.
So now coming back to the point 6 (as per info-graphics image above) where my order was processed by and now I am awaiting the delivery of my package at the NY address. Read first post here - is really very fast in terms of delivering the package and it reached the New York AGS facility within 3-4 days including Sat/Sun. As soon as it reaches the AGS facility, I got an email from AGS that my package has now reached their warehouse and I will be informed when it's on it's way to Johannesburg.

AGS created a record on MY PACKAGE tracking page once I logged into the website to keep a track of my items in transit. It took them a day to finally finalize the package to be shipped to Johannesburg. It was the time that I need to pay for the package shipping fees which came out to be R274/USD23 (the exchange rate on the day of payment). My package was about 1 kilograms so the fees was R274. Customs and other charges will be extra if any is charged will be taken from you later.

The package reached AGS operations facility in CBD, Johannesburg in 2-3 days max and was awaiting confirmation of payment and delivery as it was weekend when it reached the city. I was waiting the package to reach me on Monday but it didn't so I called the customer care number around 12pm and talked to the staff. The IVRS helpline was easy to use and staff was helpful to track my package and confirm that it will be released by today eod and I will receive it next morning.

I was very elated to receive the package at around 10am the very next morning and there was no custom charges attached to my goods which made the deal much more great. So all in all if you subscribe to AGS (USD 45) + Online Order (X amount) + Shipping Charges (USD 25) = Happy Customers ( USD 70 + X amount of goods) for the first time. But the first USD 45 fees to become a member is once in a lifetime and you can order for as many years as you want or till the time Aramex service is available for everyone. On you next order, you just need to pay for the goods and shipping charges as per the weight of the package, so in the long run you will cover the cost of initial membership, if you or your friends or family wants to order a lot from many countries.

Aramex Global Shopper does what it's name reflects and message it conveys as it turns you into a shopper globally without any limits but within some respectful constraints laid out by respective countries for import rules. If you are a true shoppholic and wants your goods to be delivered as soon as they are launched, get the membership of this amazing facility to have shipping address in 15 countries and get them delivered in Kenya and South Africa. This service will expend soon based on the initial response and I wish them all the very best. I am very happy with the service as one of my dream gadgets is now in my hands and I am able to enjoy it fully which I will blog about soon. Thanks to ARAMEX GLOBAL SHOPPER.


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