Wednesday 13 May 2015

How #MissionSamsung Spiced Up My Honeymoon in SA! @SamsungSA

Hi Guys,

Marriage is something which brings in a lot of change in your life. It takes away your bachelorhood and adds a ton of responsibilities on your shoulders. My journey with marriage was full of surprises and it was also a dream to marry my beloved from college. Just like all the journeys, the first thing that comes to mind is the packing the right stuff for this adventurous roller coaster. I started my travel to my parent’s house going through all the panoramic country side capturing it using NX300 camera which got hybrid autofocus to take crisp clear photographs at 20.3MP in a running bus. 

It was a hectic schedule of religious ceremonies and meeting relatives which traveled from all over to be a part of this festival called marriage. Just on the D- Day as I was getting ready to say the final good-bye to my bachelorhood, friends barged into my room with some surprise gift that they said will help me to stay connected always with them as well as others. Indian Marriages is full of music, dance, ceremonies and great food. I enjoyed it thoroughly to the point it started blowing my mind with all the excitement as I was going on my honeymoon to the amazing and wonderful Rainbow country called South Africa. I was waiting for everything to be over as soon as possible so that I can see the panoramic and famous Garden Route and related places of interest. 

After all the ceremonies was over and it was time to open the gifts, the very first on my list was to open what my best friends thought for me. I had an idea it will be a smartphone as they said but never thought that it will be the phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which I always dreamed to hold other than my girlfriend’s & now wife’s waist. I was so elated that I didn't even bother to open the rest of the gifts as I started clicking pictures and taking video with the same. S Pen was an amazing new tool to catch my attention the most.
Soon the day arrived as we boarded SA Airways from Delhi to Johannesburg on our trip to the country. We had our trip sorted with an initial evening in Johannesburg and then travelling to Kruger to stay inside the game reserves and watch all the big 5 live in jungle. The 3 Stars accommodation we chose in the heart of the city was featured with amazing Samsung LED Smart TV which got us connected to skype and internet to be aware of the happenings around back home and the country. As I learned to make nice tea in London using the creamer/tea/sugar and water kettle, I tried to impress my wife with my so called handmade tea without being cooked. To my wonder I could actually see a Samsung Smart Microwave Oven sitting right in the small kitchen area and I immediately warmed the tea for a min or so and I got the same taste as I get back in India. This oven is capable of cooking a nice meal all by yourself and you can save a lot of money. This one can do fried food without using any oil by using it's slim fry technology. 
We took a tour of the city and stopped at Rosebank to see the new Samsung store featuring all the amazing products on display and wife was immediately attracted towards the Samsung Galaxy A3 for its metallic design. I could see the love for the smartphone in her eyes. I thought of something and headed out to have a great dinner at Melrose Arch. As I came back to the hotel in the taxi with my wife head on my shoulder, I started browsing Samsung SA’s twitter page and came across various new products and most importantly Mission Samsung Blogger Challenge which immediately caught my attention. As my wife slept in the 3 stars bed, I continued to research about the same and slept to see a dream that I have become the Winner of this challenge. 

Kruger national park was amazing but my camera could only zoom out 3x-4x as I only had 18-55mm lens on my NX300 camera. I was feeling disappointed by being so close yet so far from all the wild animals but then my wife said that she can bring the Lion, Cheetah closer to us by using her Samsung Galaxy K Zoom which has 10x optical zoom. It also has 3G connectivity to upload the photographs on your social media instantly which was amazing as our families could also enjoy our trip. I never knew she has something like that in her big bag and I could see the animals which were so far coming so close to me and shoot them too with this camera. I instantly fell in love with my wife once all over again. 
It was time to go to the mother city of Cape Town and create more memories. We came to see the two oceans meeting at Cape Agulhas & Cape Point, I could feel that our marriage is very similar as two families came together to make us one. It’s the harmony that we both have to achieve to stay together and accept each other with full trust and sharing the joys and sorrows. As I was tired of the all the travel, I slept till late and wife ordered the Espresso coffee while she was watching a morning show named Expresso on the SABC 3 TV. “What a coincidence”, she said! I saw a Chef Reuben Riffel cooking nice food on the same too. 
It was the penultimate day of our honeymoon before heading back to India and I thought of just relaxing at the Victoria’s Wharf waterfront and seeing some of the shopping malls to buy some memorabilia for the new extended family back home. As we sat on the corner of signal hill watching the sunset, I immediately pulled out the gift which I have been carrying and hiding in my luggage all this time to my wife. As she quickly opened it there, her eyes were filled with tears of joy as it was the new Samsung Galaxy A3 in Gold along with Level Over Headphones in Gold/Brown combination which will go a long way as she simply adores music. The wireless headphones will not only make the return trip pleasurable as she browses through all the videos taken but also will help reduce aircraft’s engine noise. That was the best night of my life as we both were grateful for each other and for Samsung products.
It was an amazing trip to the rainbow country of South Africa as we built our marriage on the strong pillars of trust, respect and love for each other. Samsung did have a say in all of this as I could connect the dots looking backwards to see my travel before the start of married life in bus with NX300 camera and ending here today with a lot of latest devices making my honeymoon worth remembering. 


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