Saturday 16 May 2015

Photo Review - @AlfaRomeo_SA GIULIETTA

Hi Guys,

AlfaRomeo Guilietta is one of most favorite cars amongst a lot of people in South Africa. Here are some of the pictures clicked by one of my friends who used to own the car.

The tail lights are the eyes of something which will arouse a sense of looks into the ones travelling behind the car.

The exterior looks of the Giulietta is simply superb and you fall in love with the same instantly.

The aerodynamic style gives the car the necessary speed and grip on the road for long continuous drive.

I simply loved the car because of it's responsive engine and sporty drive mode which gives better control on the brakes and speed of the car.

Alfa Romeo has a history of great groundbreaking technology built into it's cars. Guilietta is one of the marvels from the house of Alfa Romeo.

Giulietta is a car which you would love to do a photo shoot in all weathers. I have been to Drakensburg and St Lucia on the same and really loved all my travel on the same. Kudos to the brand for making our drive pleasurable.

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