Thursday 11 July 2013

Twitter Goodies - Garnier Men India #Suits

Hi Guys,

Garnier Men India has always been a great company to participate on twitter as they have something great in store for Men toiletries and beauty. Recently they launched SUITS campaign which went on for more than a week and the winner takes home SUITS merchandise. I was really happy to receive a Phony Harvard Law Grad. Tshirt and a coffee Mug.

I was very lucky to receive them as the courier boy from DTDC wanted to take them away. It was it's hard luck that I got two entries on his computer printout consequently. He has already marked these ones to be delivered to some Naveen Verma with some mobile number. I just saw the sheet and asked for my goodies then he started acting on the new guy that he has asked him to give me 2 packets whereas he has only one in his hands and other one with him on his bike parked far. Many of the goodies has already been lost due to DTDC courier. I was not able to give them my piece of mind at that moment but next time I will be more aware about their tricks.

Thanks & Cheers!!!