Monday 22 July 2013

Smelly to Smiley Air - Ambipur & Indiblogger Meet at New Delhi

Hi Guys, 

Another Indiblogger meet with unlimited seats and lots n lots of new faces in the Capital of India brought traffic to a standstill at Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Delhi. It was a meet with great lunch being served for more than 350 bloggers. That day too, I travelled by motorcycle to the hotel and parked my bike in the GAIL office paid parking as hotel has no parking for bikes. As soon as I entered I saw my friend Murtaza standing with Shwetabh, very soon Jatin joined us. 

The meet started with some of the snaps we clicked for the pre-meet competition. I was the lucky one to get one Universal remote control worth rs 990/-. It was a great thing as I always wanted to control my TV, TATA Sky and Blu-ray player with a single remote. Thanks to AmbiPur and Indiblogger team for the same. 

The event took it's own course as the hall was fully filled with no empty seats. With the same game of counting 1-9 and introductions of various people working on social issues became the heart of the day. Very soon after the head banging started and people won Sony headphones. It was lunch time after that. The lunch spread was great. I met Mr. Passey and others during the lunch and really loved talking to him and took sincere advice on the DSLR I wanted to buy.

After lunch the corporate presentation started and people were speaking and the presenter was speaking to herself and not on the mic so many of us couldn't listen and it was the most boring talk ever. 

Ambipur started distributing their air freshners to all the bloggers and people went on to pick their favourite fragrance replacing with each other and the team distributing the same. Finally they introduced a game to all the people having same type of ambipur fragrance to make a team and do some act or skit or advt. We too tried our bit but was not among the winning team. Finally it was the time to say goodbye and people won PS3, Sony Android watches, Lumia 820 for their tweets and blogs. It was a great event with lots and lots of goodies and prizes for the great folks. Also this time the tshirt was of the color White as requested by all of bloggers on the forum.