Wednesday 24 July 2013

Another Perfect Road Trip to Wales, UK

Hi Guys, 

After clocking 2200kilometers in the first trip, we decided to have another trip for less miles but to cover the beautiful cities of Wales mainly - Swansea, Llandudno & many other cities on the way. 

The story started once again with the extra holidays in the mid of June and as we were already progressed ourselves in our way to plan things, this time we made no mistakes but kept on changing the paths to reach the destination but finally a day before the trip something bad happened. A friend from the previous trip was unable to travel due to office responsibilities and it came to a point where the trip was getting cancelled altogether for everyone. He sacrificed the trip and we has to go on with all the car/hotel bookings done. At the last moments, another friend roped in to join us all in our trip and we were 4 this time to travel to wales. 

The trip started just like the earlier one in the middle of the night and this time we had FORD FOCUS as our vehicle. We loved the color of the vehicle very much. We started the journey early in the morning at around 4pm with 4 of our friends and the distance was 250 miles from London to Llandudno. It was the most awesome drive as the weather was great and we simply loved the empty roads. We took a break in between to have tea and snacks. Finally we reached the city of Llandudno and directly searched for McDonalds for the breakfast as we have the whole day planned ahead of us.

We went on to see the beach at Llandudno after parking our car on the Marine Drive kind of parking near the beach. The parking was free for some hours and afterwards you need to pay for the same. We had luck on our sides as a Vintage rally was starting there on that day and we got a chance to see many of the cars showcased in the movies.

Went on a cable car to reach the top of the mountains and stayed there for quiet some time. The view of the city was amazingly great and totally loved every part of the beach. After descending down we looked around in search of the food but was not able to find the food as it was 3:30pm and Indian food was not served in 2 of the restaurants after 3 pm. We thought for a while and went straight to Pizza Hut in a nearby city. We found out the Pizza hut using the GPS in my Nexus One and it helped us fulfill our stomach before leaving for Swansea through the dense forest and mountains.

The distance of 160 miles was covered in about 5 hours and we reached the place at around 9 pm. We directly checked into our hotel. We went for a dinner at the nearest and saw the city on foot for a while. As pizza was still there in my stomach, I avoided eating dinner and went directly to sleep. 

Next day was allocated to see the areas of Swansea and some of the nearby places in the beautiful Wales. We saw some beautiful beaches and some castles. It was a great journey visiting a lot of places as it started raining.

Next day was the time when we went on to see the Rhosilli Bay which is one of top 25 beaches of the world. After spending a lot of time at the beach, we drove back to London via Cardiff (188 miles). I walked to the one of the corners in the Rhosilli Bay to found out a ship buried deep inside the sand with it's flag post visible and lots of debris all around. We had a wonderful lunch at an Indian restaurant in Cardiff. Finally it was the time to say to the beautiful Wales and return to the office in London.

Thanks a lot!

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The Journey of life continues....till the time there are beautiful roads like these!!!