Saturday 27 July 2013

My Best Drive Across UK

A perfect road trip always starts with a dream to see the world around you. My road trip started with a dream to drive SUV for more than 2000 kms.  

 As I was in London so we thought to travel across UK to see Scotland and Lake District. Finally the plan was laid with all of us 5 friends agreeing to the trip. We planned the hotels, routes and other things. We hired Chevrolet Captiva, an automatic car with GPS fitted. Meanwhile, I found it difficult to locate the car’s diesel tank opening button and kept us waiting at the petrol pump. 

Around 3 am we were hitting the road from London to Lake District (300 Miles). After looking around and taking a boat ride to the other end of the lake district, we had home cooked Aloo-Poori with Achaar. Finally having an ice cream after lunch was the best dessert as we started our next journey to reach Portree, Isle of Skye (350 Miles). 

On our way, we passed through the city of Glasgow and the biggest lake of UK, Lake Lomond. 

It was dinner time and we found out another Indian restaurant in Fort Williams when we reached there at 800 pm. It was a really scary drive after dinner in the dark which I thought existed in Ramsay brothers serials where suddenly a lady in white will come on the road. I kept pressing the accelerator hard and we soon reached the city of Mallaig around 1030pm. My first day I started driving at 3am till 1130pm in the night with 1100 km on the SUV trip meter.  

We reached Ben Navis range and took cable car to reach the top of the moutains. We roamed around the lakes and the cities to reach Inverness in the evening at 4 pm. We came to a halt to eat Domino’s pizza in a car parking. While travelling around Inverness, a police cab followed me and asked me to make a halt towards the side of the road. As there was no one on the road, I was driving in the middle and as someone from other side used to come, i took my vehicle towards the side. This made the policeman angry over me and told me with a warning to drive carefully and he will keep an eye on me. 

The next day was the time when we had to see the UK highlands. We left our B&B after having an English breakfast. After seeing the castle, we travelled to Edinburgh (231 Miles) via Aberdeen. It was time to checkout the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We saw the beautiful city before reaching our dormitory as we couldn’t get any B&B due to holiday rush.

Next day we had to see the Edinburgh Castle and Underwater Sea World before finally saying goodbye to Scotland. We started around 3pm after having lunch at McDonald’s in Edinburgh. London was around 400 miles via Newcastle. Loved the whole drive.

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