Tuesday 30 July 2013

Product Review - Blogadda - ITC Ultramintz - Awesome Product

Hi Guys,

I was a chosen one for the Blogadda & ITC Ultramintz program to be among the 50 bloggers who is going to review the product before it's launched in the market.

I was so happy to receive the news last week. Incidentally, this was the first news I came across after my birthday on 22nd July. As my blog is getting some popularity and I am winning some good contests, I felt great to receive the product.

The packing was suberb and I really felt great to receive the product this way. I was wondering how the product will be sent as it's a small metallic container, but this packing simply blew my mind.

This is the little container which took my breathe away....lol...this gonna take care of my breathe in the coming week as I review the product. Thanks ITC for venturing into a new segment. This definitely is a cool product idea and will really be a hit in the market.

ITC Launches mint-O Ultra Mintz to bring in Sugar Free extra strong mints in Peppermint flavour. This comes in a nice small package of Rs. 50/- with approx 60 tablets to go on for several days. The small mintz is very powerful and brings in a lot of freshness even if you had strong smelling drink or food or smoke. Really loved the way this small pallets takes away my bad breathes. The package is small and easy to carry always and easy on the pocket too. They will not be spilled out of the case they are in. These are secured inside this metallic case which is great in it's looks and keeps it dry even when it's raining.

 As soon as I started carrying it, it brought me a lot of new friends when we used to take a stroll after the lunch time in my office. The taste and the non-availability of the product in the market really makes me exclusive at the moment but then people will remember and look out for the product once it's everywhere in the market. It's a great effort from ITC mint-O to bring in these amazing pellets to the market which gonna really reduce the bad breathes we face. When we are talking to people who smoke and we are in a meeting where we can't even avoid them, we can politely ask them to have this one or we can carry it ourselves to share with everyone.

I tried and tested it after having raw Onion in my afternoon meals but it really did take away the smell onion brings. Kudos to the ULTRAMINTZ

I tested it with having a strong cup of coffee from the Vending machine and it really saved the day for me.

I ate strong garlic chilly chutney that my mom makes at home to be consumed with our dinner meals. I tried to challenge the ultramintz and thought this gonna definitely fail the same but it came out with flying colors. Hats off to the small yet powerful and beautiful pack of ULTRAMINTZ. I will recommend this one to each and every individual who wants something to keep them fresh throughout the day.  

Overall, it's something that has been missing from the market and now when it will be in the market this product is really going to pick up fast. ITC strong delivery network will make this a successful product. I wish all the very best to ITC and ultramintz to rule the market. 

Definitely, cool things and a Calm mind will always takes on the world. 
Finally, the best part of Blogadda, is this letter personally signed by the CEO. It has of great value than the product itself as the final product can be bought from the market, but this letter can't be generated ever after.


Thanks once again to Nirav, Blogadda team and the sponsors ITC for choosing me and my blog to review the product. I hope our association will build further... Cheers!!!

 I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda
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