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Sunday, 27 August 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Aug 2016 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

August is the month which sees a lot of new smartphones getting launched and last year too there was some of the new technology was launched. Also it brings in a lot of Indian festivals along with the Independence Day of India on 15th August. This was the first time I attended the flag hosting ceremony at the Consulate General Office in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

1. @SamsungSA Unveils New #GalaxyNote7 Intelligent #Smartphone that Thinks Big - - It was unfortunate that the smartphone I love the most was not able to work last year. I was also not able to attend the launch event last year due to the office meetings. This year too, Note 8 launch I was not able to make it to the event but hope the best for this amazing phablet. I would love to own one of the Note series smartphone as my primary phone.

2. @HuaweiZA Outperforms The #Smartphone Industry #Financial Results #HY2016 - - Huawei as a brand has grown at an extremely amazing pace and they brought some great smartphones to the market in the last 2-3 years. I have never used the latest P9 to P10 to Mate 9 somehow but I like the Leica dual lens monochromatic lens as it can really gives your creativity an edge to capture some great moments. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - August 2016 #TheLifesWay
3. #BeoVision14 Picture Perfect HD TV @BangOlufsenSA #LikeNoOneElse #Craftsmanship - - Bang and Olufsen is an experience which brings your senses to fall in love with the technology. I attended a demonstration of the TV at the Melrose Arch store and was totally amazed to see this latest technology. Only thing is the price of the product is way above my affordability range. 

4. Mythos Launches Bespoke #Restaurant: #Nostimo Waterfall Estate #Johannesburg - - Mythos launched this property and PR company said they will call me at the launch event but I was not. Many times it has happened that I get nothing in return for many of my posts which is a sad state of affairs. Brand shall never forget that there is nothing free as it takes a lot of time to post the posts and share it across all social media channels. 

5. If ‘Gandhi’ Was Made In #2016 @ZeeClassic #Movies #Remakes - - This is a good comparison of who will be the Cast if Gandhi movie is being directed again. Though this post is one from the Indiblogger IndiOne marketing campaigns but I really loved the same. 

In the end, I would simply like to state that the brand shall respect the time and efforts it goes in the social influence but I do respect the money and efforts they also do to call the influencers to their launch events. It's a simple give and take exercise and I always work towards creating more ROI for the brand when they invest in me. 

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