Saturday 26 August 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2016 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

July is my birthday month and it's always a pleasure to celebrate this day with your family and friends. My life has been a never ending struggle as 22/7 is a pi number and you can keep dividing the same to get the next number after the decimals.

1. Aarya Restaurant Adds New #Taste #AaryaNewMenu @TsogoSun @MontecasinoZA - - Aarya Restaurant in Montecasino is one of the best restaurants catering to the needs to everyone looking for amazing snacks and food. Deena Naidoo is the first MasterChef South Africa winner and being an Electrical Engineer named the restaurant after her daugher Aarya.

2. Why Are We Hungrier In #Winters? @KelloggsZA #KelloggsBFBD - - Kelloggs last year had an amazing initiative for the kids in several schools all over in South Africa which was named Breakfast For Better Days. I attended one of the events last year in one of the schools in Soweto and it was great smiles when children got their stomach full by Kelloggs breakfast to focus on studies afterwards.

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2016 #TheLifesWay
3. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2015 #TheLifesWay - - I simply love my own memoirs as it brings back a lot of memories and events which I was part of. Life goes on at full throttle and you sometimes totally forgot about the amazing life you are living so these memories keeps you grounded and grateful.

4. @BangOlufsenSA Launches #BeoplayH5 #Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones - - Bang and Olufsen is known to bring the divine experience to your senses. With the latest technology in audio devices, the key to next experience is wireless designs as more and more smartphones are going against the 3.5mm jack these days. I simply adore their products and looking forward to own them one day.

5. Modular Design Linked To "Play" Theme #LgG5 @LGMobileSA #LGPlayMore - - LG was way ahead in terms of bringing the modular design to the market but it didn't worked out very well for them. But sincerely, I loved the phone a lot and the camera on the same was awesome. I was not invited to LG G6 launch and have not seen the phone till now so LG G5 remains my best pick from the house of LG.

It will be awesome time to create new opportunities and work towards writing a lot of posts as I have waited enough already. Let's post a lot of posts daily and then sponsorship will come automatically. Let's rock #TheLifesWay and #PhotoYatra hashtags.


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