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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A difficult choice - Sepia vs Monochrome vs Color

Hi Guys,

A difficulty presented itself to me when I was going through some of the photographs taken by me in London, UK. These ones are taken at Natural History Museum using Panasonic Lumix FZ5 .

It was the concept of taking the photo using which mode and which one I like the best?

 I am totally confused after seeing all of these snaps? Please help and comment which one looks best as per your view...


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5 


  1. I am not an avid photographer .. But the first photo really brings out the dimension much more clearly and the detailed art work ... The second is definitely a no . As it destroys the depth ... The third maybe if you intend to use that photo to signify something vintage ... But this is fairly a laymans opinion there are many who are much more good photographer .. Regards UK

  2. Thanks Kailash for your input. It doesn't requires a photographer to judge the photos. A person like you with good eyes and analytic skills has got the art to comment. Really appreciate your point of view about the first snap. Cheers!!!

  3. Thanks a lot Mansi for your valuable inputs. You have given me inspiration to write more posts & click more pictures where colors will represent life... Cheers!!!


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