Monday 14 August 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 27 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

It's my birthday month in Week 29 and I want to see what can I get on my birthday this time as I want to buy certain items and will check them out to buy myself. I have started thinking of getting rid of all my stuff by giving it to people who will enjoy the same. This time my family and friends in India are going for a good ride as I will give away all the stuff to them in December 2023. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 27 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay
1. Campaigns - I totally loved Fry's campaign that I did with theSalt influencer platform. My wife created a nice dish using the product that I bought from Checkers Hyper in Sandton City. I also did another Twitter campaign with the Humanz app and awaiting payment now which will take another 2 months to reach me. 
2. Events - I attended the Huawei Eco-Connect 2023 and got some nice goodies by virtue of attending the same. Some of the goodies I missed getting also but overall it was a great event. I was also called to the Tecno Mobile office in South Africa to collect the goodies bag and I totally loved the same too. 
3. Thank You - I started once again from the 2000 mark and reached 5000 and again the counter got reset to zero. It's really irritating but it also tells that you should only focus on the arigato habit rather than counting the same. 
4. Religious - I saw the Sant Nirankari Mission's current spiritual head Mata Sudiksha as she visited Johannesburg for the first time. There was a nice prayer programme to commemorate her blessings to visit the country. There was a lady with her that sang so well that immediately I knew she is a trained singer and came to know that she is Manya Narang. She is the singer behind the Pathaan's antagonist theme music i.e. whenever John Abraham comes on the screen there is a piece of music running in the background whose vocals are provided by Manya. All the very best to her in her future endeavours! 
5. Travel - I still am not over the images from Victoria Falls and have totally fallen in love with Zambia. This is really something and you should definitely visit the same. Check some of the images and videos I have shared on my socials. I love to travel and then I want to create a lot of content later depending on the time I have at hand. 
There is another week left between this week and my upcoming birthday on 22nd July. I have always thought that my life has been the Life of Pi as I was born on 22/7 which is 3.14 which represents Pi in mathematics. This number is never totally divisible and can go to infinite and so are my struggles that go on and on. I have always lived fighting the same and will continue to do so in future as well. 

Aum Namah Shivay!

Till next time...Aashish
Thanks! Cheers!!!

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