Saturday 25 February 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 01 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

I feel so lonely without these posts as it also gives me an insight into my own life as we keep forgetting it on a weekly basis. I generally don't remember what I did and what I will do in the next week, so having a placeholder or the light tower to guide me on the path to the right is always good. Also, you people can help me with the accountability aspect as well as now I will have to regularly post and share what I did with my time on Planet Earth. Let's begin with the Year 2023 and some changes in our posts that will be introduced as and when it becomes clear in my mind and thoughts. 

1. Happy New Year 2023 - We came back from Mauritius tired on 31-Dec-22 and spent most of the time sleeping and resting. The new year started with prayers after bathing and post that I created some YouTube Shorts. I thought that I would post a daily short in Jan-23. We went to Laudium to eat Dosa at VimalRaj Restaurant and totally loved the taste. 

2. Tasks - A lot of tasks were on my mind including the time spent standing in the queue for License Disk renewal so I brought the form one day before from Benmore Gardens and then went again in the afternoon to get it done. Now it's sorted for a year and there is no tension. Another action item on my list was to submit all the medical bills pending to be submitted to Insurance in the amount of more than ZAR 13k. Hence, I did that too and now will await the return of money after the 10% copayment charges deductions. I also changed both the wipers on the car's front window. I bought them from the BOSCH store for ZAR 580. I also got the gas cylinders refilled as both of them were empty and we were left without any tea or food and now we don't have an electric stove to rely back upon. Also, as we were not home for the last 2 weeks, we had to go on groceries and veggies shopping as well. I generally buy veggies from Randburg Wholesale Market and found them to be the cheapest there providing value for sure. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 01 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
3. New School Season - My daughter went to high school so it was time to stand in the queue for a new school dress including a blazer and stationery items for her. We went around the city for the same in search of them from Woodmeads to Sandton. She never told us the full list and kept adding stuff to buy that I then bought from Makro, Pick n Pay and Checkers too. 

4. Data Transfer - Most of the time was spent on transferring the data from almost full laptop memory capacity to the new 5TB HDD I bought. I made the same as my YouTube videos and thumbnails data dump hard disk so all the digital data related to the category went into the same. It gave breathing space for the Photography HDD I have (3TB) and also the day-to-day Seagate SSD (500GB). This is one of the tasks that need your attention on a daily if not a weekly basis for sure. This is an activity that's totally hectic and takes a lot of attention as there is a chance that your digital data can corrupt because of connection breaks or memory failures or automatic shutdowns of the laptop in between. Check out the unboxing video - 
5. Entertainment - I watched the 3rd season of Jack Ryan on Prime Video and totally binge-watched it. The story is not as fast-paced and thrilling as we saw it in the earlier seasons. It's always difficult to beat the first season for any web series and so is the case with this one as well. Not many web series have been able to beat their first season and sometimes the team divides it into 2 portions so that people are curious and wants to watch the second part knowing that if they release the same as the first one the whole series is going to be marked as a flop for example Lupin. 

I think the most number of views are in these weekly blog posts and since the time I stopped writing them the views on the previous weeks have risen quite a bit. Hence I am starting the new year's weekly posts too so that you can get to know a little bit more about me and my decisions and actions. 


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