Friday 17 February 2023

Conquer Those 2023 Goals with Samsung Galaxy Devices @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyEcosystem

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A collection of devices that allows you to get the most out of life and make it easier for yourself

You got into 2023 with a fresher outlook, a set of goals and a steely determination to achieve them come hell or high water. Maybe you’ve lacked the resolve and motivation before whenever you’d set yourself some ambitions for a new year. Things can be different this time around. Oftentimes we need some assistance in the form of relevant resources to achieve our targets. The good news is with an arsenal of Samsung devices at your disposal, realising some of those lofty goals you’ve set yourself for the new year becomes relatively easier.

Maybe you set out to be healthier, take control and manage your finances better, and take up a side job as a short filmmaker, a social media influencer or a vlogger. You could also be passionate about gaming and think you could potentially earn money from it, or it could be something as seemingly easy as simply enjoying the outdoors or nature more. With Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Buds and the newly launched Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can do all those things and a whole lot more.
Conquer Those 2023 Goals with Samsung Galaxy Devices @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyEcosystem
Having the Galaxy Watch5 helps you set and keep track of your health and fitness goals. So whether it’s improving your running times, growing muscle or losing weight, the smartwatch has great features that can give you all the deeper insights and data you need to stay on course and achieve your goals. The Galaxy Buds are there to complement the smartwatch if you enjoy having your favourite playlist as part of your exercise routine or simply listening to high-quality sounding music as you enjoy the outdoors for leisure.
Have you been looking for a way to earn yourself some extra income? Combining your passion or hobbies with the power and pull of social media is one way to do just that. And having a smartphone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with its 200-megapixel super camera, gives you the platform to exploit those opportunities. Your passion and talent for cooking could see you start and grow your own channel; maybe you’re just an entertainer and want to share your side-splitting jokes on video - the smartphone’s camera is more than equipped to handle the task. Either way, whatever it is you set out to do becomes more feasible with these Galaxy devices.
Conquer Those 2023 Goals with Samsung Galaxy Devices @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyEcosystem
“We believe the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the S23 series as a whole, is the perfect upgrade to any mobile device, and we make it seamless for everyone to join the Galaxy ecosystem. Ultimately, our mission is to make life easier for our consumers through our innovations and products, and if we can help them to achieve some of their personal milestones, even better,” said Justin Hume, Samsung’s Vice President of Mobile Experiences.


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