Friday 17 February 2023

Easy Tips to Maintain Your Smartphone Battery #NationalBatteryDay #NokiaPhones #HMDGlobal

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In celebration of National Battery Day on 18-Feb-2023, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares easy tips to maintain your battery life.

Hold back on 100​
Always charging your phone to 100% when using a high-voltage charger can put a strain on your phone’s battery. Pulling the plug at the 80-90% mark is a good idea, and you ideally always want to keep your phone’s battery between 30-80%. This will increase the lifespan of the battery.​

Switch off your location​
On Android phones, you can either switch off your location/GPS completely or block certain apps from tracking your location. See Settings > Apps in order to check what apps are using your location and switch these off. ​

Avoid exposing your phone to extreme heat or cold​
Extreme cold temperatures can drain your phone’s battery faster. Keeping your phone at room temperature where possible, will ensure the battery lasts as long as it can.​

Charge your phone during the day​
If you want to keep your phone’s battery healthy, charge it during the day and not overnight. When a phone is left plugged in, the battery will start to drain again. Once the charge level drops below a certain threshold set by the manufacturer, it will charge straight back up again. Ultimately, this can speed up the battery degradation, so you may end up finding that your phone ends up at 0% quicker than when you first bought it. If you do charge your phone at night, make sure it is not covered up e.g., under a pillow, as this can overheat the battery which will also worsen its performance over time.​
Easy Tips to Maintain Your Smartphone Battery #NationalBatteryDay #NokiaPhones #HMDGlobal
Get into the mode ​
There are a variety of settings and modes that have been designed to help you conserve battery on Android devices, look out for:
  • Adaptive battery limits battery for infrequently used apps.
  • Battery Saver restricts power-consuming activity automatically to save power. You can choose to optimise certain settings such as auto-sync.
  • Super Battery Saver mode to extend your battery life even further – you can even choose where exactly the energy savings are made, so you can still access key features that are needed.
  • Turning your phone on dark mode can also make the battery life last longer throughout the day, as less power is needed to keep your phone’s display brightness. See Settings > Display in order to access this.
Keep your phone up to date
Installing regular Android updates can help fix battery drainage issues. Sometimes software bugs can cause unnecessary stress on your battery. When this happens, developers release bug fixes for these issues through operating system updates. By keeping your phone up to date, you'll always have the latest bug fixes, battery mode enhancements, and performance improvements.

Keep track of battery health on your Nokia phone with the My Device app
My Device app is a one-stop shop for checking your Nokia phone’s health. Simple diagnostics include battery health, storage space, device temperature, and data use. It’s all designed to help your device live longer. My Device App > Battery Health> Open battery management.


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