Friday 30 April 2021

@HuaweiZA #PetalMaps Offers Users A New Way to Explore the World

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Huawei has been working hard to develop a comprehensive mobile services ecosystem that covers all the needs of a user to make their life more convenient. Adding to its list of apps and services under Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), the company recently launched Petal Maps, its official map and navigation app.

With the holiday season now upon us, many people will be travelling to different holiday destinations and visiting loved ones, so Petal Maps with its cutting-edge functions will come in handy, providing a new way to explore the world.

Those who travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, can land up in unfamiliar places and need to be able to track where they are and how they are going to get to their destination. Luckily, Huawei’s Petal Maps provides various functionalities for ease of travel so you can have the best experience.

From a view of a dynamic map to search and navigation to distance and travel time estimation to traffic information updates, the mapping and navigation tools in the app ensure you are on the right track.

How to use Petal Maps for the best experience
Petal Maps lets you save all the places you like visiting as favourites so that you can conveniently access them from one place whenever you need to navigate. For instance, you can set Home and Work locations as favourites by simply saving them. This data can also be synced to HUAWEI Cloud using your HUAWEI ID so that when you switch devices you can still access this data instantly.

With an immersive map display providing an interactive 3D view, Petal Search lets you explore your surroundings dynamically when you pan, tilt, rotate and zoom on the map display.

The app allows for smart interactions with a device for a safety-first approach. You can use a hand gesture to zoom in and out of the map overview as you navigate. The interface can be set to dark or light mode as preferred for daytime or nighttime conditions.
@HuaweiZA #PetalMaps offers Users A New Way to Explore the World
Safe navigation and information safety
Let driving be your sole focus while Petal Maps gives you turn-by-turn voice guidance so that you can avoid getting distracted by looking at the screen while driving. In addition, it will help you locate the best route to your destination, as it takes into account real-time traffic information.

Safety concerns are not limited to driving safety, though. Privacy and information protection in cyberspace are of great importance, especially when it comes to sensitive information about your whereabouts and places you frequent. Huawei complies with local laws and regulations to protect user data and privacy, so you needn’t worry about your location data being accessed by anyone as it has end-to-end encryption.

The new Maps app in town is a much-needed tool that is Huawei-developed, with the Huawei user in mind. Consumers can rely on this app for all their navigation needs as they explore their country, and soon hopefully the world again, in a new way.

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