Wednesday 28 April 2021

The Power Of Gas Cooking @SamsungSA #SamsungStainlessSteelGasCooker

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When Samsung recently launched its new gas cooker it was designed to make your home experiences more convenient. It harnesses the unparrelled benefits of gas cooking with technology that immediately turns what could be ordinary into something quite extraordinary. The stylish Samsung Stainless Steel Gas Cooker, powered by five burners, including a Triple Burner, a Rapid Burner, and a Simmer Burner makes it easier to prepare a wide range of dishes. Beyond its well-considered design, the gas cooker is clearly going to resonate with many in a country where mealtimes are often interrupted by the power going off at the most inconvenient times. Gas cooking helps people avoid the frustration of load-shedding by giving them the power to cook no matter which stage we’re on. The additional benefits of gas cooking are clear:

Cook like a pro
Professionals have known it for a while. Gas cooking makes it easier to control the heat by adapting the flame, bigger or smaller for precise changes in heat. You can now get a heated stove closer to the temperatures recommended in recipes.

It’s smoother and safer
Because of the central positioning of the flame, a pan can be evenly heated across the cooker top, ensuring there are no cool spots. This is an essential ingredient that elevates your dishes’ consistency, time and time again. For parents, there is also the peace of mind knowing that the heat disappears faster once you switch it off, so there is less chance of a child accidentally burning themselves on an unattended cooker surface.

Save on energy costs
Gas is simply cheaper. With the seemingly endless rise in electricity costs, the initial price of a gas cooker is easily offset over time. That’s the power of gas cooking.
The Power Of Gas Cooking @SamsungSA #SamsungStainlessSteelGasCooker
Of course, when it comes to stretching your culinary muscles as well, Samsung’s Gas Cooker also rises to the challenge. With its effortless sophistication, considered approach to design and stunning mirror door finish there are many good reasons to love this gas cooker and this is why:

You can enjoy perfectly grilled food – much faster. The Power Grill Heater is 2-step adjustable to cook different types and quantities of food. The High Grill quickly and evenly cooks big dishes or a large number of items simultaneously. Use the Low Grill to cook small amounts and save energy.

Make your cooking seamless with the simple and intuitive Digital LED display that lets you quickly check the cooking time and mode with just a glance. It has a timer function that you can set with a simple touch that alerts you to turn off the oven when a dish is ready.

A storage compartment under the oven cavity provides a handy place to keep dishes, pots, pans, and other oven accessories or your favourite serving dish, so you can find everything quickly. Whatever you need to prepare and serve your meals can be kept within easy reach.

This Samsung Gas Cooker is available at participating retailers at a Recommended Retail Price of R17,9991. It comes with a 2-year warranty. This is a tasty addition to any kitchen and purchase you’ll be glad you made.

1Price may vary depending on retailer pricing policy

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