Friday 20 November 2020

#TheLifesWay Youtube Channel Crossed 500 Subscribers #500subs @Youtube #SouthAfrica

 Hi Friends,

With extreme pleasure, I got this email from Youtube mentioning that I have crossed 500 subscribers my Youtube Channel - TheLife'sWay. If you have not seen the same, please do visit and give your likes, comments or subscribe to the channel. 

I am hoping to create some of the unique content bringing all the historical technology I have and all the latest gadgets I get to review in 2021. Also, I am bringing fun videos from the stories I have been part of in my own unique way to make it interesting for you too. 

Let's begin and soon I hope I will cross the 1000 mark too! Currently, the views are 227469 as of 20 Nov 2020 but soon it will cross 250k and the same will be announced on my Twitter channels! 

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