Thursday 3 September 2020

#LetsBeKids New Brand Campaign by @FisherPrice

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The new campaign invites grown-ups to grow-down and rediscover the joy of playtime! 

The launch coincides with the first-ever review of scientific studies looking at evidence of the positive effects that playing with children has on parents, which has been completed by leading child development expert, Dr Jacqueline Harding 

Fisher-Price, the leading infant pre-school brand, has debuted a new multi-year, 360-degree marketing campaign titled, “Let’s Be Kids,” that celebrates seeing the world as kids see it, with optimism and humour whilst also extending an open invitation to grown-ups to grow-down and rediscover the joy of playtime. 

The campaign launch coincides with the first literature review of academic studies on the positive effects that playing with children has on parents and grandparents conducted by Dr. Jacqueline Harding, a leading child development expert and a senior lecturer at the University of Middlesex, UK. 

Dr. Harding, who has looked at more than 100 research papers across neuroscience and behavioural psychology for this report, states that playtime should be seen as an essential ‘antidote’ to adult stress commenting that “there is tons of research out there looking at the value of play to children, but less is known about the mutual benefits for adults.” 
#LetsBeKids New Brand Campaign by @FisherPrice
Dr. Harding continues: “By looking at scientific research across a range of disciplines around play, we are starting to recognise that grown-ups can reap huge advantages like reduction in levels of stress hormones, increase a sense of well-being, or even for older generations, the active play has the potential to prevent cognitive decline that can happen as people age – all by engaging with playtime.” 

“Let’s Be Kids” campaign includes a series of video spots that feature much-loved Fisher-Price toys from its almost 90-year history, including a hero 60-second brand anthem video starring American actor John Goodman. Goodman is cast as the classic farmer from Fisher-Price’s Little People collection walking through a fantastical world amid a treasure trove of nostalgic characters inspired by iconic toys such as the Chatter Phone and First Words Puppy. Additional spots focus on specific products and portray the magic of what a child is seeing and feeling while they’re engaged with a toy. 

Ruth Henriquez, EMEA Marketing Director for Fisher-Price says: “At Fisher-Price we have always given a unique voice to the culture of childhood and this refreshing new modern campaign is a fun and imaginative way to recapture the joy of childhood by inviting parents back into this world and as the science backs up, there has never been a better time to engage in playtime!” 

Dr. Harding concludes: “Research shows that children laugh about 600 times a day, while adults laugh about five if we are lucky. We need to bring playfulness back and who better to show us how than our kids! Sitting down and playing could be not only the best thing you can do for your child. It could also the best thing you do for yourself as a parent.”

Here is also the link to the official campaign page:

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