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Thursday, 5 December 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 Gimbal @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is the latest smartphone gimbal from the house of DJI who are world leaders in making your videography experience take up a notch higher. Gimbal not only helps to stabilize your videos but also you can be part of your own selfies beyond your extended arm and can track your movements to make your vlogging a natural process. I bought DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and it was there without being opened for 2 months before I opened the same on my birthday this year on 22nd July and soon I found out that the new one is getting launched so I returned the Osmo Mobile 2 to wait for the Osmo Mobile 3. I got the chance to be part of the special invite to attend the review unit takeaway kind of launch event for 2 weeks. These are certain things that made me immediately fell in love with this gimbal. Let's check out one by one - 
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
1. Portability - DJI Osmo Mobile 2 which I took to the Photo and Film Expo this year at Kyalami was difficult to carry even in your carry bag. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is not only foldable but also weights less. This can be folded and you can just put it in your backpack or jeans back pocket for immediate retrieval. Also, a locking mechanism ensures that your gimbal is ready to be carried with ease. The Gimbal weights 405 grams and with the tripod that comes in combo package it will be around 450 grams and with smartphones on the top, it will be around 700 grams in total. If you buy the combo package, you will get a hard case to safeguard your gimbal against any shocks and breaks but it won't be able to hold the tripod inside the hard-shelled case.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
2. Switching Orientations - Portrait mode was introduced in DJI Osmo Mobile 2 but in Mobile 3 version, it can be done with a press of a button and your capturing world can be turned from landscape mode to portrait and vice versa. Even changing from rear camera to front camera is just some clicks of a single button and you are ready to start vlogging or taking selfies. Mounting a smartphone is made easy and you are ready to shoot videos in no time. Any smartphones having a maximum weight of 225 grams is good enough for the device. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
3. Charging the smartphone - Earlier it was difficult to charge your smartphone while in use on Mobile 2 as the smartphone charging socket was hidden in one of the two arms but with DJI Osmo Mobile 3, there is only a single arm leaving the phone sockets open for your consumption. You can easily attach your charging cable and withdraw power from the gimbal as it works as a power bank too. Also, the gimbal has a battery life of 15 hours as marked on the packaging and can be fully charged in around 2.5 hours. The Li-ion battery capacity is 2450 mAh which is enough to charge any smartphone.  
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
4. Gesture Controls and Active Tracking - Some of the new features introduced are Active tracking 3.0 where the new gimbal can track your movements and keep the smartphone rear camera looking towards you. The same is just activated in the settings and then touching the smartphone screen to focus on a person immediately and track him or her. Gesture control is a feature usually seen in a smartphone selfie camera where you show your palm or peace sign and picture countdown timer starts.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
5. Panoramic Rotation - The best part of DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is that it can be used without installing any app on your smartphone. Any smartphone can be installed on the arm of the gimbal and then you can scroll the smartphone camera from one end to another and also you can control the speed of rotation. Huawei also introduced a collaboration with Osmo Mobile 3 during its launch of the Mate 30 series smartphone. The panoramic rotation helps you take great video shots at the top of the mountains or at the beach and the applications are huge. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
6. DJI Mimo App -  A new smartphone application has been introduced for Mobile 3 gimbal where it enhances the capabilities of your videography with pre-installed programmed modes to shoot 10 seconds or more video in 13 fun templates. Story mode creates awesome cinematic videos ready to be shared on your social media channels online. This is the place where you will spend most of the time learning, editing and sharing.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
7. Next Level Photography and Videography - The new gimbal can take timelapse, hyper-lapse and motion lapse with ease and without making you sweat much. Also the slow-motion is so cinematic that you will fall in love with the same. Also with one touch, you can shoot various funky videos where the editing will be done by the Gimbal DJI Mimo App. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - #OsmoMobile3 @DJIGlobal #7YearsofTheLifesWay
Overall this is something you should have if you are into smartphone videography or photography and wants to take it a notch higher. Also, the gimbal will introduce stabilization to your artificial image-stabilized smartphone camera and you will definitely see better results. I see it as a huge potential to make you an amateur YouTuber as with the combo package, you can install the gimbal on the active tracking version and start talking to the camera and a video will be ready to be shared in no time wherever you are in the whole world. Go check it out!

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