Wednesday 11 December 2019

@Starbucks_SA CEO Adrian Maizey Sees Opportunity for the Brand Locally #Starbucks

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The first Starbucks in South Africa opened in Johannesburg in 2016 and has grown to 17 stores across 3 cities. Since opening, more than 300 partners (employees) have been hired, creating an opportunity for young people with rewarding careers in retail. Distinct décor and design inspired by South African art and culture truly set Starbucks SA apart from the rest, and with a number of Starbucks outlets in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, this is just the beginning.

Earlier this month, Starbucks opened four additional coffee houses in South Africa, in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, bringing its iconic coffeehouse experience to even more customers across the country. And in November, South Africa’s own Teddy Nzama was named the 2019 Starbucks Barista Champion across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – beating out 30,000 of his global peers to claim top honours.

As of 2 Dec, Starbucks SA is now operated by Rand Group, founded and headed by Adrian Maizey. The experienced business leader is optimistic about the Starbucks brand. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in managing investment partnerships and his entrepreneurial spirit, Adrian is bringing his expertise home to serve the American coffee brand the South African way.

“I would like to make a difference in South Africa,” Adrian says. “We intend to continue to invest in the country by creating employment and provide the South African consumer with choice and uplift the community the Starbucks way. We will create sustainable ongoing enterprises that can employ, grow and develop people, and those people can go out and spend money, and uplift their communities. It’s a virtuous cycle, and one we believe strongly in, and South Africa will benefit from that tremendously.”
@Starbucks_SA CEO Adrian Maizey Sees Opportunity for the Brand Locally #Starbucks
Starbucks SA is passionate about the people working for the brand and subsequently created an employment system that seeks to change lives. The “Changing Lanes Programme” focuses on the development and empowerment of disadvantaged and unemployed individuals. This programme has been used to recruit candidates aged 18 - 25 to form part of the Starbucks family. These partners receive training in the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee and delivering customer service in a way that only Starbucks can deliver. They’re supported through various training modules to ensure personal and career growth. 

Starbucks is committed to buying 100% ethically sourced coffee and investing in the livelihoods and long-term opportunity of coffee farming communities around the world – many of which are located in Africa.

On how he’s feeling about the future of Starbucks in South Africa, Adrian says, “I’m excited about its prospects, I’m excited about building the Starbucks brand and growing with the country. The two are connected. I know we can make an impact on many people’s lives and can be a beacon of excellence - an oasis of sorts - that would be a wonderful outcome. 

Adrian J. Maizey is the founder of Rand Group. After attending the University of Pretoria in 1992, Adrian went on to complete his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with distinction from the University of Nebraska and holds an MBA from the distinguished Harvard Business School. This 22-time Ironman triathlon finisher is more than your typical businessman, and with him bringing his dashing and dynamic skills to an already vibrant brand like Starbucks SA.

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