Wednesday 20 November 2019

Flawless AI #Photography and #Videography with The #HUAWEInova5T @HuaweiZA

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At the core of Huawei, products are a focus on innovative technology, and the latest HUAWEI nova 5T smartphone is no different. The HUAWEI nova 5T challenges what’s possible with mobile phone cameras, and incorporates a quad camera array on the rear comprising a 48MP HD lens, 16MP wide-angle lens, 2MP macro lens, 2MP bokeh lens, and 32 MP selfie Superstar lens. These, together with the device’s AI technology and advanced beautification algorithms, ensure that consumers get the best images and videos every time. This smartphone also comes pre-installed with all Google apps and the Google Play Store.

Powerful quad-camera configuration for all shooting scenarios
Following the trend of flagship Huawei devices, the HUAWEI nova 5T hosts four cameras on the rear, supporting high-definition, ultra-wide-angle, macro, and depth-of-field photography. This configuration enables the HUAWEI nova 5T to capture rich, clear images within a single shot in all scenarios, ranging from vast landscapes to close-ups.

The embedded technology combines powerful AI- fuelled image semantic segmentation and partition optimization technology via the device’s 48MP HD lens, 16MP wide-angle lens, 2MP macro lens, and 2MP bokeh lens. The combination presents crystal-clear details in the image and balances the exposure under all lighting conditions. This results in the prevention of under- or over-exposure and offers an array of shooting modes for capturing colorful and high-resolution images anywhere, anytime.

Landscape shooting has never been easier with the HUAWEI nova 5T, as it features an f/2.2 17mm ultra-wide angle lens, allowing even the most vast cityscapes or landscapes to easily fit within the frame. Ever wanted to shoot amazing close ups? The HUAWEI nova 5T allows for images to be taken as close as 4 cm away. The smartphone’s bokeh lens, software algorithms, and advanced Kirin chipset also allow for seamless bokeh shooting, ensuring the subject of the picture stands out without the distraction of a busy background.
Flawless AI #Photography and #Videography with The #HUAWEInova5T @HuaweiZA
More realistic AI beautification with the 32MP front-facing selfie camera
Early adaptations of beautification algorithm technology resulted in every image being treated with the same adjustments, often resulting in the image appearing obviously fake, or applying an extremely pale skin tone to the subject. The current AI beautification algorithms on the HUAWEI nova 5T, however, contour a specific face shape based on individual features. By operating with the Kirin 980 chipset’s dual NPUs, the AI system is able to tailor the beautification influence on the image, avoiding a caked-on appearance and accentuating the user’s own personal beauty and characteristics.

Another drawback of many smartphone cameras is that the contrast between the brightest and darkest areas can prove difficult for even a professional SLR camera to capture effectively. However, with the HUAWEI nova 5T, multi-frame synthesis is deployed for backlit scenes that snap a number of images in one shot. The system then merges the best parts of each shot to form one final photo, in which the dynamic range is effectively widened, and image contrast, sharpness, and quality are substantially enhanced. This ensures images with ultra-clarity definition and unmatched sharpness and detail, down to even the finest of hair strands.

Advanced AI settings for spectacular videos
The HUAWEI nova 5T’s AI-powered cameras also lay the groundwork for optimal video shooting effectiveness, with settings such as AI Image Stabilisation (AIS), Auto Exposure Lock (AEL), and Auto Focus Lock (AFL) technologies working together. This device also comes equipped with an automatic video editing feature that is ideal for novices and brings simplicity to the video editing process. The camera has the ability to automatically recognize recurring subjects in videos, thus saving the user the hassle of sorting through clips, by creating edited subject-based videos.

AI also assists in applying auto-beautification for the subjects in video clips. Developing this technology required substantial trial and error, including testing on approximately 60,000 models before the beautification effects were fine-tuned. Over the course of this tireless process, Huawei developers took into account factors such as brightness contrast, inactive blur, saturation, as well as advanced photography composition principles.

Lastly, the HUAWEI nova 5T’s Kirin 980 chipset is equipped with dual NPU computing, resulting in the ability to cipher advanced algorithms. This AI-powered colour results in the camera capturing and keeping the colour of a subject in a video, all while applying a greyscale background to the image, and thus giving it the appearance of leaping off the screen.

The HUAWEI nova 5T comes in two creative colour schemes – Crush Blue and Midsummer Purple. The smartphone is available on contract from the following service providers:
  • Vodacom - R599 Smart XS+ Plan
  • MTN - R599 MFMXS Plan
  • Telkom - R599 FREEME 1GB Plan
  • CELL C - R619 Pinnacle 2G Plan
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