Thursday 19 September 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - #Technology in #Shuffle Mode Play in MP3 Players

Hi Friends,

I am been a fan of music and due to which I am a huge collector of earphones and headphones along with various types of MP3 players and devices. I have all the devices or used to have all the devices from Sony Walkman to Sony MP3 CD players to the latest Apple iPod Shuffles and Nano to even some dodgy local ones from cheaper brands. I am an ardent fan of loading my music - my favorite set of songs into all the devices everywhere - be it in car or smartphone or iPad or laptop. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Technology in #Shuffle Mode Play in MP3 Players #TheLifesWay
The problem I faced with all these devices or the mp3 players is the SHUFFLE mode which is totally outdated even when the new software and technology is still upgraded all the time. No matter which device I use the SHUFFLE mode works in the same patterns, making the same songs appear even when you have 16GB full of songs in different folders. This has troubled me so much that I switched off SHUFFLE play and went on to the Normal play which was much better than the same. 

Do you feel the same pain as I am? or Are you using any player which can take you to all the 1000+ songs before repeating the same one or the pattern? Do let me know in comments below. 

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