Thursday 12 September 2019

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Sep 2018 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra #1800thPost

Hi Friends, 

September is the start of the Spring season in Johannesburg, South Africa and it's the best season with pleasant weather and greenery all around. It's my 1800th post which I always wanted to cross since a long time and finally, it's happening today on 12th Sep 2019. 2019 has been a wonderful year so far and I am totally in love with myself and in 2018 - I had too much to work with those brands which didn't give me anything back for all my hard work and efforts. This year my decision to do only those brands which values me back is going ok, no so good as I wanted but I am happy with this decision as I continue to hold the same. 

1. The Importance of Hygiene for your Mobile Device with #Whoosh! @Gammatek - -  I have been using the product since it's launch and the way this thing cleans your phone is amazing. All the marks and dust just gets wiped off and the phone is again in mint condition literally. 

2. Get Ready for SA’s First AI Four Camera Smartphone @HuaweiZA #HuaweiMate20lite - - I won this phone at the Huawei P30 launch event and my wife started using the same but soon she didn't like the camera that much as compared to mine P20 so switched the same for mines. I gave this phone to my daughter who was struggling with my old HTC One M7 which was my 3rd HTC smartphone since Google G1. A cheap smartphone will remain cheap unless you are using the top version of the available model and I don't like using value for money smartphones. These smartphones are not my cup of tea. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Sep 2018 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra #1800thPost
Aashish Rai with Reyansh at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden, Johannesburg, South Africa
3. @Gammatek Puts Fun back into Collecting with Funko! #ComicConAfrica #rAgeExpo2018 - - Funko toys are gaining the ground just like fidget spinner was available with each and every kid on the planet two years back. Even companies were giving Funko Pops away as a part of launch events, online contests and everywhere you go, you will find Funko stalls. I have got 2 Funko pops and 2 Funko keyrings with me in my collection. 

4. Off The Shelf And On Trend @SamsungSA #QLEDTV #2018QLEDtv - - I love my old 2015 Samsung UHD TV since today so thinking of how great will be the QLED TV is beyond my imagination. I have not seen the actuals as I have stopped going to the electronics retail stores as I am going towards minimalism. Thanks to Samsung for bringing the latest tech to the market all the time. 

5. @CanonRSA Revolutionises The Future of Photography and Filmmaking #EOSR #Liveforthestory - - Canon launched their revolutionary product EOS R camera and I heard the new one is also in the making and soon will be launched to the world. I have not used this camera ever but I do love my Canon 77D camera and share all my shots with the world on my Instagram channels. 

I have been a little bit lazy in posting on my social media channels but now I have decided that I will do what I love most and passionate about. Whatever anyone else has to say can say and I won't be bothered by anyone? They were not there during my struggles and wins, how can they tell me what to do when I never asked for their opinions and judgments. 

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