Sunday 29 April 2018

Personalized Discovery: Listen to Music You Love with All-New Free on @SpotifySA #SpotifySouthAfrica

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Music is the great connector. It unites us across markets, ages, backgrounds, languages, preferences, political leanings and income levels. At Spotify, they believe in music for everyone—and they are one step closer to making that a reality as they unveiled a new, improved, and more personalized way to discover music and listen to what you love on Spotify, for free. Spotify introduces its All-New Free service at a press conference in New York City. However, since the 13 March 2018 local launch, South Africans have been lucky enough to have experienced the All New Spotify Free service already!

Unlike many other streaming services, Spotify Free is an ongoing, ad-supported service, with no expiry date. You can listen for free forever, or if you choose can upgrade to the Premium service for offline listening and other benefits for R59.99 per month. With a new design on mobile, Free on Spotify includes a number of new features to make the listening experience more tailored to what you need to hear, now.

On-demand playlists
Spotify want all users to have more control over the listening experience so everyone can both discover new artists and return to old favorites. Fifteen new on-demand playlists offer the ability to pick and play any track within our curated lists—without skipping tracks or waiting on shuffle to bring up the music you love. These on-demand playlists will be unique to you, based on your musical tastes, and may include Spotify-curated playlists ranging from RapCaviar and Viva Latino to Ultimate Indie and Alternative R&B as well as personalized playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix.

More personalized 
With Spotify for free, users gain easy access to favorite songs and discovering new music is made simpler—and it’s personalized for you. When you sign up, we’ll ask you about the artists you love, and we’ll deliver curated playlists that match your musical taste and personalized playlists, like Daily Mix. These new playlists are easily accessible on the new Home screen, which is always being updated based on your listening activity. 
Personalized Discovery: Listen to Music You Love with All-New Free on @SpotifySA
Make Spotify yours 
Tell us which songs and artists you LIKE ♡ (or HIDE) as you listen. Tap the ♡ to quickly save songs to your Favorites playlist and tap the icon to hide songs you don’t want to hear. Recommendations will improve the more you listen and denote preferences. 

Create your own playlists 
Playlists are the key to creating a mood, whether it’s morning workout or weekend dance party, and now it’s even easier to create and edit a playlist with Spotify. Just give your playlist a name, search and preview specific tracks, and add to your playlist. As you save songs, we’ll continue to suggest more songs that we think you will like.
Play music using less mobile data with Data Saver: Music should be accessible to everyone, in every market—the love of a great song is what connects communities and cultures across the world. But many users of Spotify for free around the world aren’t able to enjoy music whenever they want, because of the volume of mobile data streaming typically uses. That's why we created Data Saver, a simple toggle switch that optimizes the listening experience to use less mobile data when listening to music. One of the benefits of the Spotify’s Data Saver mode is to offer automatic low bitrate streaming. Spotify’s default setting for data streaming in South Africa is 24kbps, perfect if you’re streaming when not on wifi. 
To enjoy music the way you want it, download the app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to

Facebook: @Spotify |Twitter: @SpotifySA | Instagram: @spotify The new free experience will be available on iOS and Android and will be rolling out globally to all markets in the coming weeks. Happy Streaming!


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