Sunday 22 April 2018

Future Proof Your Career With #DefinitelyPTE @PearsonPTE

Hi Friends, 

Living or Studying abroad is one of the aspirations every Indian student dreams once in his career but only some of them are able to achieve this dream. It needs certain kind of awareness and knowhow to actually fulfill this dream. Students now have access to Education Loans from all the public and private sector banks and it makes it easy but narrowing down on the right country and the right institute is a big homework on its own. I have seen the process for my brother and many of my cousins who all studied abroad and doing well in their careers. 

Once you have finalized your university of choice, then you need to gain knowledge about their admission criteria, courses they offer, what the fee structure, whether they have hostel accommodation available and how much is boarding and lodging expenses? You have to be thorough in your work as it will definitely affect you and it affected me as I am a vegetarian and teetotaller so I always had to prepare my own meals or visit places which can serve me this and the most important requirement will be that I live very close to these places or restaurants. I generally carry all the snacks from Haldiram, some medicines in case required and some maggi noodles to keep me stuffed for some days.
Future Proof Your Career With #DefinitelyPTE @PearsonPTE
The final preparations before you leave on your dream destination is very much necessary because you have to be self-sufficient for some days. I have been to London, Singapore, and Johannesburg and stayed quite a time there and every time it gives me sleepless nights before I travel for all the unexpected things that can happen to me. So, I prepare well in advance looking at all the stuff I might need to survive the first week or 2 weeks as I acclimatize with the surroundings of the new place and country. 
All the institutes in USA, UK and many other countries, requires you to write a test for checking your proficiency in English language and there are a few options you have at your hands to get your English Test knowledge scored. PTE Academics is one of those exams which gives you access to Harvard University, Stanford University, Imperial College in London and even if you are applying immigration to Australia and New Zealand. PTE Academics stands for Pearson Test of English Academics and can be booked 24 hours in advance and results will be out within 5 business days after taking the exam. That's #DefinitelyPTE as you can forward your score directly to the universities from your secured login details. PTE Academics score is as similar to IELTS and TOEFL iBT.
English is a global language and it's not that easy to clear the exam unless you prepare for the same. But with more and more help available pre-test in terms of offline tests and several video's and reading material to go through, you can definitely work towards getting a good score. There are centers around India where you can book your test 360 days of the year and tests your all aspects of the language without any bias as its computerized. #DefinitelyPTE opens the doors of the world for your choice and capability in just 3 hours and is accepted worldwide. 

Let's enjoy and see the world and open the doors where there were none with #DefinitelyPTE. 


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