Monday 30 April 2018

@NestleSA Launches #TasteTheGoodLife Chocolates Campaign #Aero #KitKat #BarOne

Hi Friends,

A treat for the Nestlé chocolate lovers as it launched its Taste the Good Life Campaign at the lush Beechwood Gardens, in Hyde Park. I was lucky to be a part of the same and I shared some of the photographs on my Instagram handles - @araijain and @thelifesway. Beechwood Gardens is one of the most beautiful properties as I visited the same for the first time in my life at Johannesburg. Thanks to Nestle' for the invite and What a great start to the holidays and Winters!

Guests such as, Melody Molale, Skeem Saam’s Eric Macheru, to mention a few, were treated to a hearty meal prepped by Why Cook and dessert by Chef Luyanda who created scrumptious dishes inspired by Nestlé chocolates. The food was amazing and dessert was simply awesome. Checkout my Instagram posts for the food pictures.
@NestleSA Launches #TasteTheGoodLife Chocolates Campaign #Aero #KitKat #BarOne
A picnic inspired setting lent itself to the theme that Nestlé wishes to carry throughout the campaign - A taste of the Good Life. I simply loved the setup as it was great to talk and share your love for chocolates and good times in this one life. The Nestlé chocolates have simply taken a life of their own and are gradually infiltrating lifestyle spaces – from KitKat having a break at uber-cool spots such as Neighbourgoods Market, BarOne offering itself as a treat to fitness fanatics and Aero taking over fashion pages.
@NestleSA Launches #TasteTheGoodLife Chocolates Campaign #Aero #KitKat #BarOne
“The aim of today’s luncheon is to launch this exciting campaign that would see many of our loyal consumers stand the chance to win themselves great prizes and cash. We thought it best to invite the media to come enjoy with us and get to experience our interpretation of the Good Life,” said Zanele Mthethwa, Head of Chocolates at Nestlé.

The competition aims at giving Nestlé chocolate lovers a taste of the good life, not only do entrants get to enjoy their favorite chocolates, they stand to win awesome prizes like Cellphones, Voucher card, and Cash. The competition will run from the 1st May 2018 – 31st July 2018. Follow them on twitter, facebook and Instagram.
@NestleSA Launches #TasteTheGoodLife Chocolates Campaign #Aero #KitKat #BarOne
Entering is quite easy, all that one has to do is to SMS the last four digits of their barcode to *120*440* and they could be a lucky winner.

Seeing as chocolate uplifts your mood, treat yourself with the best…and stand a chance to win awesome prizes. Don't wait for tomorrow, enjoy your life today!

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