Wednesday 8 June 2016

@SamsungSA Launched Flagship #SamsungStore @TheMallofAfrica #MyMallofAfrica

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the opening of its flagship Brand Store at the Mall of Africa in Waterfall City, Midrand. Home to over 300 shops, this dominant super-regional mall is the ideal venue for Samsung’s most unique store yet.

This flagship store functions as a premium outlet for the company to deliver the latest Samsung mobile products, audio-visual solutions and high-tech home appliances, all in a single location. Furthermore, as Samsung’s premium store, the venue offers a range of in-store offerings that appeal to customers across the spectrum.
@SamsungSA Launched Flagship #SamsungStore @TheMallofAfrica #MyMallofAfrica
Michelle Potgieter, Director: Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa, expects that consumers will know they are in for a unique treat when they see the giant tablet wall in the store window. Comprised of 28 tablets; the screens are integrated in such a way as to play either multiple images or a large single picture. The tablet wall will also offer interactive capabilities in the near future.

“The plan is for this wall to run a live Twitter feed, uploading customers’ comments directly onto the tablet wall. This is just the first exciting difference between this shop and other Samsung stores. As soon as consumers walk into the store they will immediately be able to note the different colour variations that give it a premium trendy look and feel,” she says.
@SamsungSA Launched Flagship #SamsungStore @TheMallofAfrica #MyMallofAfrica #thelifesway
Perhaps most exciting of all, are the store’s multiple ‘experiential zones’, where products will not only be on display, but consumers will be able to obtain a more hands-on understanding of these products, as well as their integration capabilities. These zones will be complemented by product experts, who will be available to offer advice and answer questions.

“The most notable product zone will be our 4D Virtual Reality (VR) area, where customers can try out Samsung’s Gear VR solution, by sitting in modified chairs that actually moves in conjunction with the content being viewed. Part of the comprehensive set of Samsung’s latest products includes the new 360 Cassette air-conditioning unit. This has only just arrived in the retail channel and will be available in this store,” continues Potgieter.

Samsung’s Director, SSA Service, Richard Chetty, adds that service is equally important in this flagship store, which is why the Mall of Africa shop will also offer a rapid repair service.
@SamsungSA Launched Flagship #SamsungStore @TheMallofAfrica #MyMallofAfrica Gear VR
“The service centre within the store is designed to assist clients with software upgrades and even certain hardware repairs, such as screen replacement. The idea is that customers can walk in and drop their phone off at the service centre, before spending some time shopping. They can then return later to pick up a newly repaired device.” 

“A centre like this obviously has no warehouse facility, therefore it may not carry all the spares required in-store, but it will certainly be able to provide simple repair services for the most common devices in use, such as the S6, S7 and Samsung Note,” says Chetty.
@SamsungSA Launched Flagship #SamsungStore @TheMallofAfrica #MyMallofAfrica Launch
Potgieter goes on to say that Samsung remains committed to the South African market and will continue to expand its footprint and investing in the local economy. 

“Our Mall of Africa flagship store is yet another demonstration of our commitment to delivering innovative products and solutions to our consumers. We know that consumers are no longer satisfied with merely shopping – they require a more personal and intimate engagement with their brands and this store has been designed specifically to meet these demands,” she concludes.


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