Thursday 9 June 2016

#Kiwifruit Finds Amazing New Avatars To Enhance Your Fruit Bowl! @Zespri_ZA #BeatTheBestBox

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Zespri Kiwifruit are one of the most exciting fruit found on our shelves today and can be used in a variety of new and exciting ways from smoothies to wraps, salsa to sorbet. And because they are low in calories, they are perfect to eat as part of a meal or on their own.

“Traditionally kiwifruit were found lingering (?) At the bottom of the fruit bowl or on the top of a pavlova,” says Lianne Jones, Zespri’s Business Development Manager for Africa, Israel and Indian Islands, “but these days their versatility means they can be used in pretty much anything.” 
Kiwifruit Finds Amazing New Avatars To Enhance Your Fruit Bowl! @Zespri_ZA
 Kiwi Quinoa Salad, Kiwi Salsa & Tacos & Kiwi Beef Short Rib Wrap
In addition to this, they are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits around. Bite for bite they beat most other fruit on nutritional content and are full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other essential elements. 

“Apart from their unique refreshing and tangy flavor,” continues Jones, “they are also a great source of potassium, are rich in fibre and can significantly slow down and reduce the uptake of sugar in your bloodstream meaning they are also a great low-GI food.” 
Kiwifruit Finds Amazing New Avatars To Enhance Your Fruit Bowl! @Zespri_ZA
Zespri Kiwifruit Macaroons, Parfait & Kiwi Ginger & Wasabi Smoothie & Smoken Chicken Pancake
Zespri Green Kiwifruit are now available at all major retailers, such as Pick n Pay, Food Lover’s Market, Checkers and Spar. For more information, updates and recipe ideas, log on to, like and follow @Zespri_ZA


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