Monday 28 March 2016

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LG Electronics SA introduces a range of MiniBeam projectors designed to fit your lifestyle perfectly. What follows is the first article in a series of 10, covering prominent features of the LG MiniBeam range.

Whether you're a fashionista, techie, or are all about business, the LG MiniBeam is the perfect accessory which complements your lifestyle without needing any extra room. The LG MiniBeam projector range offers optimum versatility and portability. The current range is PV150G, PW600G, PW800G, PF1500G and PF1000U 

PF1000U LG - TheLife'sWay
The LG Minibeam projector is so portable and easy to carry that you can carry it anywhere with you,be it the next outdoor party or that family camping trip. Place it in your living room or bedroom and the LG MiniBeam series blends in where you need it and better still, it stands out when in use.

To project a 100-inch picture, conventional projectors usually need to be positioned three to four meters from the screen or wall. This not only presents a problem for small living rooms, the power cord running from the projector to the outlet is unsightly and a safety hazard. What’s more, conventional projectors create a “no walk zone” in a large part of the living room between the projector and the screen. The LG Minibeam suffers from none of these limitations as a 100-inch display can be projected from a distance of only 38cm from the wall. This is only limited to the PF1000U
TheLife'sWay - LG Projectors MiniBeam

Each projector has a different level of lumens and a 100-inch class screen which gives you an authentic viewing experience. The LG range of projectors consists of the following lumens:

PV150G – 100 Lumens
PW600G – 600 Lumens
PW800G – 800 Lumens
PF1500G – 1400 Lumens

With built-in speakers, the LG MiniBeam provides crisp sound. The device is so versatile that you can also plug it into conventional speakers. It's not just portable, but stylish too. Not only is the MiniBeam's award-winning design compact and light but it also ticks the trendy box. You can Wirelessly stream sound directly from PF1500G and the PF1000U projector to bluetooth compatible sound system like home audio, headphone and portable speaker for a seamless listening experience.
LG MiniBeam Projectors TheLife'sWay

Simplified connectivity best describes the LG MiniBeam. Pop in a thumb drive directly into the MiniBeam and project your favorite movies without a PC. The MiniBeam provides a USB Host including DivX, MP3, Photo and Office file viewer.Connect smart devices with real time mirroring of data wirelessly (limited to PV150G, PW800G, PF1500G and PF1000U), or by connecting it via HDMI cable.Your LG Minibeam also allows you the option to view documents and PDF files through an embedded Office file viewer for your presentations. 

If you are an avid gamer and are always looking to thrill your friends with top-notch viewing then then the Minibeam is the perfect device for you. Gamers get the added gaming experience by projecting their games through the available HDMI port. This projector also delivers an incredibly detailed, high quality picture. The picture quality is enhanced by the Triple XD Engine, a chip that is the result of LG’s 50 years of experience in the television industry. Able to display Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), the projector employs a self-emitting RGB LED illumination system for the most natural shades and hues possible all the while running quietly at only 21dB in Eco Mode.

Find your perfect size and take your viewing experience to the next level with LG’s MiniBeam projector range. Looking forward to receive an actual device and review the same soon. 


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