Monday 7 March 2016

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2015

Hi Guys,

February for me is always to build on what I have missed in January. I try to change the goals and resolutions which didn't worked in the first month of the year. 

1. @ZEEWORLD Launches @DSTV Channel #166 - Indian TV meets SA - - It was the first time that I sat inside the car and loved the ride on the same. The launch event was really nice and thanks to Jodene from Chat Factory for the invite. 

2. #MissionSamsung - My Love Affair with #GalaxyNote4 @SamsungSA - - This was my entry to the Misson Samsung challenge that started in 2014 and I totally loved using the Note 4 phablet. I even won myself the #TravelExpo15 prize using the Note4 to click pictures and tweet them. It was great to use the device and I am still in love with the Samsung's phablet series and wants one in my hands forever. 

3. Product Launch - Microsoft Lumia 535 - Let's #MakeItHappen - - Microsoft has ventured into it's own version of Lumia devices with Windows Phone logo and branding all over. I really loved the lumia range of devices but it's a little bit difficult to adjust to Windows environment once you have used Android and iOS devices in the past. 

4. DISNEY ON ICE PRESENTS LET’S CELEBRATE! - - Disney On Ice is an annual event which you shall always take your kids to as there is always change in the story. It's the biggest Disney extravaganza on ice. From kids to adults, all love some or the other Disney character and this show brings all of them to life. Go for it! 

5. Windows Phone - Valentine's Apps for #Lumia - - Apps these days not only makes smartphones smarter but also keeps you entertained and effective. As the apps are getting smarter so are you as now you can do a lot on the phones which you can generally miss. 


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