Monday 10 August 2015

Product Review - @TomTom_SA Runner Cardio GPS Running #Watch

Hi Guys,

TomTom, a Dutch brand needs no introduction as it has been helping people navigate conveniently to their destination worldwide via their GPS devices. The company now wants to guide the way for those who are fitness enthusiasts and intend to go for long runs or are preparing for marathons or Ironman championships. 

TomTom has introduced Runner Cardio GPS running watch which not only helps calculate the distance ran but also measures your heart beats using Heart rate monitor built in the watch. Heart rate monitoring is the most accurate means to understand how your body is responding to exercise. The watch uses the same technology to measure the optimal Heart rate zone. You just need to select a zone to match your training goal and always know whether you need to speed up or slowdown.This information really helps to keep you performing well and reserve your energy during the run. It helps you train in one of five intensity zones, depending on your goal.
TomTom Runner Cardio shows you real-time running information at a glance. Now you can track your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt as you run on an extra-large display (22x25mm) with resolution of
168 x 144 pixels and weighs only 63 grams. The strap looks really sporty and is 233mm long to wrap around most of the wrist sizes. Once you have wore this watch, there is no way you can lose the same.

TomTom Runner Cardio has an innovative technology to get accurate heart rate information without the need for a separate chest strap. Your heart rate is measured through a sensor in the watch that monitors changes in the blood flow in your wrist. This is done by shining light through the skin and detecting the changing light reflections. It's the same technology which we saw in FitBit Charge HR which I reviewed on my blog.

The running watch can be synced with your smartphone using the TomTom mySports mobile app available for both Android and iOS. Now you can track, analyze and share your stats on popular running sites using the apps. The watch has 4-way button on the lower portion of the strap which helps you navigate and setup the watch in your day to day usage.

The watch is specifically for people who are very much into running unlike Fitbit Charge HR which can be used as a watch or lifestyle band also. TomTom Runner Cardio has bluetooth connectivity along with the GPS + Glonass which uses the TomTom QuickGPSfix to quickly connect. 

TomTom Runner Cardio has built in alarm and the battery gives you around 8-10 hours of battery life. The watch can be charged using the special cable which comes packaged in the box. Also the watch is waterproof upto a level of 50m (5ATM).  I found the watch to be a niche product for daily runners/joggers and those who wants to take this hobby or health regime further into a serious side. 

TomTom Runner Cardio is available at around R2700-3300 at and other electronics stores around the country. Go for the same as it has a lot of features that only runners can acknowledge and understand making their run enjoyable. Follow TomTom on twitter and  facebook


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