Tuesday 11 August 2015

Amenity Kits @Turkishair_SA makes travel memorable!

Hi Guys,
Air travel for me has been a fascination all my life and I always feel the same joy that I felt when I first travelled in India from Bombay (Mumbai) to Ahmedabad way back in 1985. It was my first trip on a plane and I felt that the plane tires are rolling on the top of the buildings. As a kid, when the first time air hostess brought a full tray of toffees, I could not resist myself to grab a whole bunch of candies for myself to my parent's distress. Now the place has been taken by the amenity kits which I always keep if I get the same in the airplane and travel class I am traveling by. The kits helps me to always remember the journey I had with the particular airlines.

Established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is a 4-star airline today with a fleet of 274 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to 268 destinations worldwide with 225 international and 43 domestic. Now the international guest amenity and hospitality specialist has announced the new luxury Amenity kits and Relax Sets, designed by the world famous design brands as JAGUAR, CERRUTI, BENTLEY, CHOPARD, INSTITUT KARITE and FURLA, together the universally recognized skincare brand. These unique products, specially designed for Turkish Airlines, are testament to the airline’s desire to offer its passengers a genuine high quality gift.

In order to present different models for our distinguished passengers, we are refreshing our Amenity Kits and Relax Sets concepts in this year. Therefore, Colors and types of kits will be revised in eighteenth month’s periods even so according to annual concepts. On long haul flights, we are serving four different models and brands for Business and Economy Class of each flight’s inbound and outbound.
Long Haul Business Class bags for Outbound -  The Jaguar branded bag comes in a quality high tech material symbolizing the “grace, pace and space” of Jaguar cars. The technical aspect of the pouch is also represented in the re-use value of it as a tablet case or document holder. Detailing adds a touch of luxurious practicality to the bag. For example, the size of the bag can be expanded by undoing the zipper so that passengers can carry more or larger items. The bag also contains inner pouches (a pencil case and soft drawstring pouch) so that the comfort items and cosmetics can be organized and packaged beautifully. This is one of the best and can be used to carry a 7-8 inch tablet.
Long Haul Business Class bags for Inbound - The Cerruti branded bag is a fashionable bag made of a specifically developed leather-like material to create the sense of nonchalant chic which is typical for Cerruti. The heritage of the house of Cerruti is in textile and fashion. The design of the bag is elegant and simple, with a front flap which adds sophistication. It’s in a perfect size for passengers to reuse the bag as toiletry bag or to store personal items when travelling. Inside the bag is a variety of comfort items including cosmetics from ‘Institut Karite’ range with a high concentration of shea butter to hydrate the skin both during and after the flight. This one can easily become your shaving kit afterwards.

After eighteen month later, all BC Amenity Kits’ colors and types will be revised as BC AMENITY KIT LH (FURLA) for outbound and BC AMENITY KIT LH (BENTLEY) for inbound. With theirs high quality and creative design, all have been proven to be an excellent products that meet the highest expectations of Turkish Airlines passengers. I am looking forward to collect them all.

The Long Haul Economy Class bags - With respect to Economy Class in long haul two different kits ‘Chopard’ -for Outbound: YC & UC RELAX SET LH- and ‘Institut Karite’ -for Inbound: YC & UC RELAX SET LH (INSTITUT KARITE)-, each has a choice of different color, will be submitted to our economy class passengers.
The Short Haul Business Class bags - In addition to these exclusive Design Business LH Amenity Kits, special designed Amenity Kits Business passengers flight in short haul, four different kits Furla Bag with in two different shapes and sizes, Cerruti Bag with in two different shapes and size will be submitted. 

All the new Relax Sets include a simple yet ingenious reversible eye-shade with ‘Do not disturb’ and ‘Wake me up to eat’ printed on each side. The discreet and re-usable kit also includes soft with non-skid rubber sole tube socks, comb/brush, foam earplugs, a dental kit and some cosmetic items, special branded. 

These new travel Kits meet Turkish Airlines’ drive for quality and functionality requirements as well as promoting high quality design principles. It also helps the brand to increase their awareness as and when people re-use the products in their day to day life and usage. I have been buying and collecting a lot of items which are served only to business customers as those items are rare and not printed for general public. I simply adore them and have been instrumental in keeping my mp3 player, earphones, currency etc in my day to day use.

More information about Turkish Airlines can be found on www.turkishairlines.com. Follow them on facebook and twitter.


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