Friday 7 August 2015

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Aug 2014 (500th Post)

Hi Guys,

August is the month when you start planning big things for yourself as the weather changes and it renews your resolutions to go into full bloom. This is my 500th post on my blog The Life's Way and it's been a journey of more than 33 months now. My blog has reached a place where I wanted it to be but still a lot of work needs to be done daily on the same. I hope to reach 650 posts by the end of this year which seems like a difficult task but let's see and start aiming towards the same!

Last Year, August in Johannesburg was very cold as compared to this year's winters weather. I started this series of posts last year in the month of August only and it really gives a perspective as to what you was thinking and where were you with your blog. 

1. NDTV Rising Stars of Comedy -

Last year, I came across this unique concept of NDTV Prime #workhardplayhard where they divided the news channel into comedy series of shows after the prime time slots. Some of the standup comedians are really great and the other series in which news are told in a funny way was awesome to watch! Do check them out as they have some great episodes on their youtube channel. 

2. Product Review - Kinivo ZX-100 Portable Speaker - - Kinivo has been a brand which is closer to my heart as I am using their products a lot for my day-to-day usage. Their products are great and build quality is worth its value. This small speaker is very good and always stays with me offering great entertainment at all times. 

3. Launch Event - Disney On Ice @Coca Cola Dome Johannesburg - - Dinsey Africa doesn't need any introduction and Disney on Ice is a unique extravaganza that happens once every year. Last year show was my first time ever and this year also it was awesome. Do keep an eye on the next years show and book your tickets in the front rows. 

4. Product Review - Nokia Lumia 720 + Wireless Cover + Wireless Charger - - I bought this phone and gifted it to my parents. My mom likes the phone and is using the same for sharing photographs and messages on whatsapp. It took time for her to learn the same but now she is happy with the same.

5. Product Review - Lowepro CompuDay Photo 150 - Messenger Bag - - I was looking for a Camera bagpack but came across this unique messenger bag from Lowepro which can hold a camera on its side along with the laptop and tablet. I never took the bag to the field but now my dad has taken the same to Australia and I hope it will be useful to him on his 6 month long trip.

Along with all these posts, I did a lot of movie reviews and other posts also. Overall, it was a great month and I really enjoyed myself with the new camera NX300 Samsung that I had during that time.


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