Saturday 11 July 2015

Movie Review - Life of Crime (2015)

Hi Guys,

Life of Crime (2015) is a situational crime comedy directed by Daniel Schechter who has earlier directed "Supporting Characters" in 2012. Life of Crime stars Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher, Will Forte, Yasiin Bey,  Mark Boone Junior, Tim Robbins and John Hawkes. The movie is based on the 1978 novel names "The Switch"  by Elmore Leonard.
The movie is a story about two persons trying to make some quick by kidnapping a real estate business tycoon's wife but they never knew that he is going to file for divorce soon. Even the wife character played by Jennifer Aniston doesn't know of the same. He has fallen in love with another girl who eventually helps the criminals with a right strategy to turn the tables around. What happens and how that happens as they try to make the best out of each situation along with various other characters with their own selfish reasons makes this situational comedy a worth watch. The acting of both the thugs played by Yasiin Bay and John Hawkes is the only motivation to see the movie though Jennifer Aniston has tried to bring the charm back on screen. Isla Fisher looked good and classy in several of her scenes and brings a fresh perspective to the movie.

The movie is very slow as events happens at slow pace and is set in 1980's backdrop. I didn't liked the movie that much as these days you see some fast paced action happening in other movies which keeps your adrenaline going and this one has no such thing in the same. If you have the patience to watch the slow paced movie, you will enjoy the same a lot. The movie got released on Ster Kinekor and MonteCasino last week.


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